Reduce Foot and Hand Injuries

12.10.2022 - Werner Schwarzberger, Regional Sales Director for Ejendals D-A-CH explains why they invest in research and protective workwear for foot and hand protection.

Investment, research and sustainability are the goals of Swedish manufacturer Ejendals in its development of protective solutions for feet and hands. The goal: zero injuries and the safeguarding of health. The focus here is on service and consulting expertise in combination with an extensive product portfolio. In an interview, Werner Schwarzberger, Regional Sales Director for Ejendals D-A-CH explains what is important to him and his team, and how the D-A-CH market position is to be further developed.

GIT SECURITY EMEA: Mr. Schwarzberger, a brief insight: How did the year go for Ejendals and what do the future prospects look like for the company?

Werner Schwarzberger: We see the expansion in the D-A-CH region as a very positive development. 2021 was in line with our expectations and it looks like we are also going to be able to meet our predictions for 2022. With our top brands Tegera for hand protection and Jalas for foot protection, we are certainly well equipped. The regional proximity of over 30 team members is something that appeals to customers and we put our expertise into practice through training and educational programmes. This combination of product quality, service and regional strength gives us a positive outlook for the future, although of course the multiple crises have had an impact on all sectors of the economy. Our stated goal: to become one of the top 3 manufacturers in the respective product group within the next few years. We are currently preparing, developing and positioning ourselves for this.

To be among the top 3 manufacturers of shoes and gloves. How do you intend to accomplish this?

Werner Schwarzberger: Products, expertise and regional presence are our strengths. Customer focus is particularly important to us, both in terms of proximity and availability. We have systematically built up the product portfolio so that we have an extensive range, for the ESD sector for instance, meaning we can offer the right gloves for all purposes in the ESD sector. Furthermore, we have also successfully developed gloves for use in mechanical safety and for protection against cuts. The same goes for our shoes. Attributes such as comfort, fit and design are a matter of course for our quality standards. We focus on product families, both for shoes and for gloves. This enables us to meet a wide range of requirements.

Keywords: education and training. Do you have an example of this?

Werner Schwarzberger: Of course. Customers want reliable partners. We conduct on-site safety assessments, offer technical support, training and advice, as well as workshops on topics such as protection against cuts. This training and expertise is a central part of our company philosophy. We support companies from the very beginning. Another advantage is of course the availability of our goods. This is just as true today, despite the adverse effects of the global economic crisis situation. Our product availability is at over 95% and we aim for that to be 97%. This puts us way ahead of the competition, in terms of reliability. This is important to us.

You were talking about investments. What does that mean, exactly?

Werner Schwarzberger: For example, we purchased an innovative manufacturing facility for our shoe production for 1.8 million EUR, which features three-sole injection technology. This is a new development and marks the high-tech era in shoe production. The first products will be launched in Sweden and Finland as early as the end of this year. In the context of opening up further sectors, such as the chemical industry, we have upgraded our own laboratory with an investment of around 300,000 EUR so that we can carry out our own tests and trials. We are now equipped to evaluate chemical breakthrough times ourselves, for example.

Sustainability is also playing an increasingly important role in the PPE sector. What distinguishes Ejendals here?

Werner Schwarzberger: Our Sustainability Report, which consistently pursues sustainability as an overall strategy. We invest in sustainable technologies and developments for the long term. Solar panels on our buildings, a reduction in CO₂ emissions and improved waste management are just a few examples. Furthermore, we will also switch our vehicles for an electric fleet. Environmental protection and sustainable products are what we demand of ourselves, as well as what our customers expect of us. Customers rightly demand that the topic of sustainability be part of the company.

Which other customer wishes or requirements do you adhere to?

Werner Schwarzberger: Companies invest in their teams. Modern shoes, gloves and work clothes that not only protect but which the wearer feels comfortable in are simply part of today’s working life. They also tell the wearer that they are valued as an employee and that their health is a priority. Wellbeing is particularly important: comfort, fit, design. In general, customer requirements are becoming more bespoke and complex. This is exactly where we come in: we support our customers by providing high-quality products and offering consulting and service expertise to reach the common goal: zero injuries to hands and feet.



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