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Safe Remote Access to Security Systems with UltraSync

Smart Home Security

27.09.2021 - UltraSync is a cloud-based platform that can turn any home or building into a smart home and smart building. It seamlessly connects Carrier Fire & Security’s xGen Connect and Advisor Advanced intrusion detection panels to remote applications via a managed web portal.

Thanks to UltraSync, the installer can quickly and easily establish M2M connections to intelligent IoT edge devices. This means that peripheral devices of the safety systems can be added via the portal even before installation. This ensures that the connections are already pre-configured when the technician arrives. The system then becomes a plug and play solution, without the need for comprehensive knowledge of IP technology. The installation of the security solution is much quicker and makes it more cost effective.
UltraSync offers installers the opportunity to connect directly to the respective headquarters without changing the router settings or firewall rules at the customer’s or remotely accessing the system using the Domain Name Service (DNS). Remote system diagnosis can quickly be achieved in the event of a malfunction, giving the end user a quicker resolution time to keep their site protected.

Management to Go for the End User

Using the UltraSync App on a smartphone or tablet offers the end user a secure connection to their security system. They can remotely control their smart system from anywhere, anytime: arming/disarming the system, receiving alarm/event messages, geofencing-based actions, assigning access permissions, controlling Z-Wave components for lighting and air conditioning, viewing live video and recording, creating, and activating automated procedures, and much more.
When a security event is detected, UltraSync can launch a series of pre-defined actions that allows rapid intervention: Send alarm message directly to the security guard, start event-based video recording and/or send push notification to the end user’s smartphone. The result is a secure and smart system management via one intuitive smartphone app.

Cyber Secure

The UltraSync connection allows control of the security system. Above all, UltraSync ensures that the connection is secure at all times by using encrypted, end-to-end communication with VPN technology between the intrusion detection panel and the installer portal as well as between the intrusion detection panel and the end user’s smartphone. With UltraSync, the data remains on the local device with confidential data stored in the cloud environment. All personal data associated with credentials for remote access to the device is in accordance with the GDPR stored in the device itself, with the UltraSync environment hosted on Amazon Web Service (AWS) servers in the EU. This gives the customer full control over their data at all times. In combination with the Advisor Advanced (ATSx500A) security system, the UltraSync communication solution is certified with 3 Shields CNPP NFA2p, the highest security level available. This certification tests the resilience of a system against cyber attacks and is awarded by the French Center National de Prevention et de Protection.


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