“PRK” Type Retro-reflective Photoelectric Sensors

01.02.2022 -

“Untouched since the ice age” is not a marketing slogan, but a fact – a real piece of the ice age that still exists­ today: When the ice melted, immense amounts of water...


Securing Guam’s Tourism Industry

27.12.2021 -

Since 2004, G4S has played a pivotal role in securing almost every aspect of Guam’s biggest industry, tourism, protecting vacationers who visit Guam and ensuring they...


Functional Safety components from Zander Aachen available from stock

17.12.2021 -

In machines and plants, there are often various safety requirements and tasks to be taken into account.


A+A 2021: Results of the Dusseldorf Safety Fair

15.12.2021 -

Carcinogenic hazardous substances or musculoskeletal disorders caused by work was number one topic


A+A 2021: Fire Brigades and Digitalisation

15.10.2021 -

For fire brigades digitalisation is especially helpful for operational preparation and education. The Covid pandemic and floods in the most recent past have shown that...


Addressing IoT Security Issues in Manufacturing Sites

04.10.2021 -

Although the Internet of Things (IoT) has enjoyed explosive growth in recent times, it’s still a relatively recent concept. It is based around the idea of connecting any...


Travel risks: Safeture provides a free review tool for new ISO 31030

01.10.2021 -

The risks on business trips have risen sharply - not least due to the corona pandemic - and so have the demands on companies since they have a legal duty of care towards...


Practical Check: Universal Safety Relay for Diagnostics and Information

29.09.2021 -

Even in times of crisis, most machines in the German industry run in chord. And demands regarding productivity, flexibility and efficiency are constantly growing. For...