Salto and Gantner Create New Industry Force

21.06.2021 - The coming together of two leading innovators in access control and smart technologies creates a new force challenging the industry with more integrated and streamlined keyless and contactless solutions.

Late in 2020, leading access control solution provider Salto acquired Austrian-based Gantner Electronic. Together, Salto and Gantner provide the robust security users need while delivering smoother, seamless keyless experiences at every touchpoint during their daily routine. With complementary cultures built around talent and innovation, the combination promises accelerated developments in advanced smart access solutions, locker lock systems, digital key provisioning, cashless payments, ticketing and booking and data analysis with automatic event triggering.
The combined group is now one of the biggest players in access control and building management with arguably the most advanced and comprehensive product portfolio in the market and capability to deliver more than 1 million new access points annually. It also now fields one of the global industry’s largest R&D teams.

Global Leader in Developing and Manufacturing World-class Access Control Solutions

With an impressive list of trusted, best-in-class customers from a variety of industries — from education, healthcare and commercial buildings to coworking and shared living spaces, retail, hospitality, and residential – Salto delivers industry-leading electronic locking solutions to markets across the globe.
The company has revolutionized access control with innovations such as the first stand-alone, battery-powered smart electronic lock; the Salto Virtual Network (SVN) data-on-card technology; and the first wireless access control system to combine a stand-alone locking device with online, real-time capabilities — all without wires or mechanical keys.
Salto was the early leader in cloud-based access control technology and has become a major player in keys-as-a-service providers over traditional access control solutions, accelerating digital access transformation projects. The Salto portfolio now includes world-class software management, cloud solutions, and mobile applications for businesses of all types and sizes.
Gantner specializes in access systems; locker systems; cashless payment, cash register and billing systems; staff time recording systems; and ticketing and management software for Attractions, Fitness Centers & Gyms, Corporate Smart Offices and Education facilities. Gantner customers range from small and mid-cap enterprises to industry-leading Fortune 500 companies.
Salto can fulfill virtually any technical and functional requirement, and Salto smart access solutions can encompass almost every access point in any building and its perimeter. With the Gantner acquisition, the company can now deliver over a million access points worldwide annually and add an extra layer of comfort and simplicity at every touchpoint during the user’s daily routine.
With a combined workforce of 1,200 employees (230 dedicated to R&D) and locations in 40 countries, Salto and Gantner are ready to accomplish new growth projects and address new customer challenges — consolidating the group’s position as the global leader in electronic access control.

One-stop Contactless Access Solution

Gantner is the latest in a series of acquisitions that have expanded and strengthened the Salto portfolio. Clay (NL) and Danalock (DK) were acquired in 2017 and Conlan (DK) in 2019.
This particular acquisition gives Salto added strengths in cloud and mobile access. At the same time, Gantner locker and ticketing systems and cashless payment technologies dovetail perfectly with Salto technology platforms for building management and smart access control solutions.
The addition of Gantner gives Salto arguably the most advanced and comprehensive product portfolio in the market, creating a very attractive and convenient one-stop proposition for property owners, managers, administrators and installers.Salto plus Gantner can create the ultimate keyless experience with access control, cashless payments and management platforms integrated and tailored for your business — whether it’s a fitness club, waterpark, spa or ski resort, corporate or educational facility, apartments or hotels, hospital or a retail business.

Streamlining and Accelerating User Experience

A key driver in the acquisition was the opportunity for Salto to further strengthen its R&D capabilities and reinforce its position as an innovation leader. The combined group is now not only one of the biggest players in access control: it now fields one of the global industry’s largest R&D teams. An early pioneer in RFID/NFC and contactless mobile technology, Gantner’s hardware and software innovations have been transforming companies’ interactions with users for 35 years.
Gantner solutions enable access points, check-in, lockers, vending and points of sale to all operate with a single credential. So, one RFID data carrier, card, wristband, or even a personal smartphone replaces the myriad problems associated with multiple physical keys.
Salto’s enhanced offering means businesses can now offer guests and employees a hassle-free end-to-end journey that seamlessly streamlines and accelerates their routines.
This capability couldn’t be more timely. As Salto co-founder and CEO Javier Roquero puts it, “One thing COVID has driven home is that more contactless solutions managed by end-users are very much needed and are here to stay”.

Living With the All-in-one Smart Keyless Experience: What It Might Look Like

Salto security solutions deliver the peace of mind both property managers and users need. By adding Gantner solutions to our portfolio, users can now enjoy an extra layer of comfort and simplicity at every touchpoint during their daily routine.
What a few years ago might have been sci-fi fantasy, Salto and Gantner bring to everyday life:

  • Start your day at the gym. Use your smartphone to check-in, activate the access gates and open your locker. Purchase your power shake or breakfast from the vending machine, paying with your phone. Need to top-up your wallet? Do it digitally and instantly.
  • Continue on to work. Use your phone to access the main entrance and unlock your floor in the elevator. When visitors arrive, give them access to your space (and nowhere else) without leaving your workstation.
  • As the work day ends, buy a ticket and enjoy a museum visit with a friend, digitally and securely via your smartphone.
  • Back at home, use your phone to access your living space. When dinner arrives, give the delivery person access remotely from your phone.

Global Network: Whenever, Wherever

Joining forces with Gantner reinforces Salto’s already remarkable global strength. With 40 offices and a global international structure of 28 subsidiaries, Salto was already one of the world’s top three electronic lock manufacturers. It was well established in commercial and manufacturing environments, public institutions, healthcare facilities, educational settings and campuses, transport installations, retail, working spaces, coliving, as well as the hospitality sector.
Over 40 million users daily employed Salto solutions at 5 million Salto-equipped access points worldwide. Gantner was enjoying success in complementary geographies and verticals including fitness, attraction, corporate and education.
The combined group can now reach a much broader international pool of customers, deliver more than 1 million new access points annually, and deliver enhanced levels of innovation and integration.

Commitment to Sustainability

Recognizing its environmental and social impacts, Salto has committed to a variety of specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is transforming its corporate policies, products and operations to increasingly sustainable models. The factory headquarters is now 100% carbon neutral, a significant step in making keyless smart access technology sustainable.
Many of Salto’s SDGs relate to environmental sustainability, such as climate change, sustainable operations, responsible consumption, and product eco-design.
Salto plus Gantner creates a new industry player that aligns with Salto sustainability vision of becoming the most technologically advanced access control provider that develops disruptive and versatile electronic smart locking solutions worldwide. It will enable streamlined user experiences, plus greater accessibility, mobility and interactions with a simplified and integrated approach delivering the vital customer benefits of speed, convenience, ease and autonomy.


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