The Security Event 2023 Post Show Report

31.05.2023 - The Security Event Sets New Attendance Record with Over 11,000 Visitors. The next three-day TSE will take place from 30th April to 2nd May 2024.

The fourth staging of The Security Event (TSE) exhibition and conference programme at the NEC Birmingham from 25th to 27th April 2023 pulled in over 11,000 visitors to this central UK showcase for over 275 security system manufacturers, suppliers, integrators and installers, representing a 43% increase in floor area from last year.

Co-location with the Fire Safety Event (FSE) and the National Cyber Security show and its hugely popular Cyber Conference, with standing room only, proved a big draw for the many security industry visitors with interests ranging over those fields.

Principal themes at this year’s Security Event included some great product solutions for access control and remote management, barrier systems and fencing, control rooms, key management, personnel security and video analytics.

12 Highlights from GIT SECURITY

GIT SECURITY has picked out 12 exhibitors for their innovative technology and solutions.

Video Analytics and Cloud Video Management

Firstly, on TSE stand D104, BriefCam, headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, showed their analytics software for rapid video review and search. Transforming video data into searchable, quantifiable and actionable intelligence, BriefCam software accelerates investigations and increases situational awareness.

In a similar vein, Eagle Eye Networks of Austin, Texas, displayed on stand C25 their cyber-secure cloud video management system (VMS) with its impressive, AI-based smart video search. Similar to a web search, customers type in descriptions such as “man with blue shirt”, “person with backpack” or “white Toyota car”. Results can be narrowed down by date, time, location or camera. Eagle Eye Networks utilise AI to index video footage in near real time, making the video searchable almost instantly, and delivering fast, accurate results.

With smart video search, users can set up real-time alerts to identify important or problematic situations. Another feature of the search is "re-identification,” the ability to identify a person of interest and follow them across all cameras. Examples include: getting an alert when a vehicle or person enters a facility at strange times, or when an unauthorised car parks in a restricted spot.

Cyber Security Solutions

Meanwhile, next door in Hall 3A on FSE stand F10, Eaton were launching their new xDetect addressable fire panel. This is also an Eaton secure-by-design solution which ensures the highest level of cybersecurity, enabling secure communications and protecting both data and assets from hackers. As the system is future-proof and ready for remote access, it can be safely integrated into a Building Management System (BMS). In the future, it will be able to connect directly to the fire brigades’ alarm receiving centre, enabling an even faster response to a fire.

This was supported by a fascinating talk on Cyber Security by Eaton’s Senior Global Product Manager Kris Conner in the Fire Safety Theatre. His address to a packed audience drove a discussion on the threats of cyber attacks via building systems such as BMS, security and fire systems.

Perimeter Security Systems

The Coventry-based Harper Chalice Group on TSE stand G90 are leading manufacturers of electronic perimeter security systems and complementary products, used typically on critical national infrastructure (CNI) sites.

The basis of their TriSecure system is a minimum 2.4m high-security mesh fencing system which creates a physical security barrier for the protected area. The FenceSecure microphonic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) is applied to the mesh fencing system and set up to detect cutting and penetration of the fence fabric. A minimum 1.2m high PulseSecure Protector electrified topping is installed on the top of the host fence as an anti-climb deterrent and detection system. The FenceSecure and PulseSecure Protector systems are CPNI-approved in their own right.

Highly experienced market leaders in precision sensing technologies from their HQ in Kyoto, Japan, Takex Europe on stand D62 were specialising in active infra-red beams for perimeter protection and outdoor PIR for intruder detection and CCTV activation.

Access Control Solutions

On TSE stand F20 Honeywell Building Technologies presented integrated security with their Pro-Watch and Intelligent Command and cloud-based security with MaxPro Cloud, as well as their Cybersecure and NDAA-compliant IP video solutions.

The MaxPro Cloud is an integrated, cloud-based security management system which provides real-time access control and video surveillance to any mobile device, enabling on-the-go management of single or multiple buildings.

On D45 Keri Systems showcased their cloud-based access control solution Borealis. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Borealis as a cloud platform offers numerous accessibility advantages over a traditional on-premise solution, enabling organisations to manage all their sites under one roof.

Borealis is designed to work on all devices and is remotely accessible from anywhere. Another highlight was the unveiling of Keri Systems' M-Tech reader range, providing enhanced security with its OSDP compatibility, convenience of credential support for multiple technologies, BLE and QR codes.

On Stand A50 MyTag technology was showing secure Near Field Communication (NFC) tags with cloud-based software, to allow companies to manage and monitor keys and other portable assets that are logged in and out of business premises.

All assets are tagged with a unique NFC key tag. When a key or other asset is used, it is tapped on the tablet to launch the checkout interface, and information is recorded about who took the key and when it is due back. When the key is returned, it is tapped again on the tablet to check it back into the system. Automatic reminders are issued to follow up on keys overdue for return. This simple and straightforward system provides you with the whereabouts of every key you manage.

The PaxLock system on Paxton Access stand K60 is access control in a wireless door handle. It works as standalone or alongside their Net2 and Paxton10 networked access control systems. The design is compatible with any DIN Standard lock for a quick and simple installation.

Its smart, compact appearance and standalone or networked operation means that it can be used in a broad range of applications. The PaxLock Pro units read multi-format token technology, including Paxton, Mifare, Bluetooth and HID 125kHz Proximity tokens.

Exhibiting on stand J100, Synguard are developers of access management software and associated intelligent hardware who are based at Beringen, Belgium. They make integrations in one open, flexible and web-based management platform. At TSE they showcased their open-access management platform, including the newly developed personal dashboard.

With this dashboard, each user intuitively uses the application tailored to their needs. The user can choose between different widgets to build the dashboard, for example: shortcuts, Google maps, floor maps, live monitor, cameras, graphs about badge events or zone occupancies.

Synguard were also exhibiting a state-of-the-art door controller (SynCon-Evo), a TCP/IP door controller for up to eight doors and 16 OSDP/SSCP readers, allied with Secure Access Module (SAM), Power over Ethernet (PoE) and door lock management.

On C82, Telaeris of San Diego, a handheld solutions provider for physical access control systems (PACS), announced a new facial recognition system for their XPID200 series of handheld readers running XPressEntry software.

XPressEntry readers enhance access control systems by verifying permissions and authenticate credentials or biometrics against the identity information on record in the access control system database. They record entries and exits where door readers are not practical or available and challenge credentials from within secured spaces. They also spot-check permissions to deter tailgating or piggybacking, quickly muster employees during an emergency evacuation and maintain facility occupancy information.

Control Rooms

The Bromsgrove, UK, based company Winsted returned to TSE on stand E10, collaborating with technology partners Samsung Display Solutions and Vuwall. Together they demonstrated the next generation of control rooms. Winsted presented their latest console – the Vue, a modular, configurable and adjustable workstation combining maximum functionality with modern, clean-line aesthetics.

Ergonomically engineered for comfort and adjustability, the Vue offers wide-ranging design possibilities, whether static or height-adjustable, open architectural design or under work surface storage, in single or dual worksurface and multi-operator configurations. Winsted offer a complimentary design service to design and customise consoles to meet any control room application. What is more, you can conveniently download their free and easy-to-use, interactive 3D console design software yourself.

The next three-day TSE will take place from 30th April to 2nd May 2024, transferring from Hall 4 to the larger Hall 5 at the NEC Birmingham.


Author: Oliver R Haines


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