Security Fence for World's Second-Largest Oil Field

29.09.2022 - 1.7m barrels of oil produced per day in Kuwait.

Security for the world's second-largest oil field in Kuwait

The Middle East is renowned for its large quantity of oil fields, and one of its biggest oil companies required a security update to a 9km site. The site, being the world’s second-largest oil field, needed a high-security upgrade to ensure the security of the perimeter was maintained.

This oil field provides around half of Kuwait’s crude oil production, roughly producing around 1.7m barrels of oil per day; and is the world’s most important source of energy thus security is of paramount importance.

Location extremely remote in the desert yet high security level

The site has important significance for the country’s oil production, but however consists of an extremely remote site situated within a desert, with a large open perimeter. The key priority is to ensure the protection of the field’s assets. Tensions across the regions and throughout the world means that outside threats and attacks are possible, highlighting the need for a high-security perimeter. Potential attacks to the global oil market can result in the oil supply chain being threatened, which in turn can affect the industry’s economy.

It is an important task to maintain and improve upon the high security level surrounding the oil field, as the vulnerability of the oil industry can have serious effects on oil prices around the world.

Six millimeters vertical wires for high-security fence

Zaun’s HiSec 358 Plus was supplied to secure over 9km of the site, with both security fencing and gates being manufactured in house. Zaun’s HiSec Plus uses standard HiSec 358 but adds 6mm vertical wires instead of 4mm to provide additional rigidity.

The 6mm wires added to the attack side of the fence, and an additional 4mm horizontal wire added to the rear of the fence make the panels much more difficult to cut or penetrate. The configuration of the mesh makes it extremely difficult to get a foothold to climb, thus increasing the security and decreasing the fear of attack.


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