Security Management: Next Generation PSIM

Introduction of BKS Connect – Gemos advanced PSIM and Gemos Access

20.12.2021 - Key advantage of a connected Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solution is the centralization of security-sensitive information

The next generation of the Gemos advanced PSIM is technically mature and is based on well-proven redundancy features and a real-time synchronization of alarms and event messages across multiple company locations.

The new product generation of BKS Connect – Gemos advanced PSIM and Gemos access were introduced at the official opening of the new BKS showroom “BKS Connected Worlds” in Velbert, Germany, on November 3rd. The international introduction to the market will follow in Offenbach/Germany, Dubai/UAE and in Poznan via the Polish partner Co. Ela-compil. At Intersec 2022 in Dubai in January, the product updates will be presented to a broad audience.

Gemos advanced PSIM

Gemos advanced PSIM looks back on a series of far-reaching developments that bring it to the level of ‘Generation 5’ (Gemos 5) with some fundamental extensions of the application scope. There are several product enhancements planned for 2021/2022 including:

Video Module

The newly developed HTML5 video module provides native support for HTML5/WebRTC video streams in several video-related operations and management. As a 100% web-based Gemos advanced PSIM, a number of browsers are used as active clients. Therefore, a change in browser technologies has an immediate impact on changes and developments of Gemos. It became necessary to follow the replacement of the previous OCX based technology and to replace it with a new one. With the new HTML5 video module Gemos adv. PSIM is now future-proof and technology-independent. The new video solution provides an interconnectivity platform for all types of VMS systems, regardless of whether the VMS supports new formats or not. To this end, the Gemos video solution also provides an integrated latest generation proxy server.

Cyber Security

The new cyber security concept provides comprehensive cyber protection:

  • TLS 1.3 - AES256 encryption is used by default according to BSI specifications to secure communication between system components (e.g. servers, work­stations and Gemos interfaces)
  • Physical separation of Gemos networks and customer networks
  • Platform and vendor independent browser based client application with highly encrypted server connection (HTTPS)
  • Server-side protection and monitoring of application configurations and data against unauthorized changes
  • High-availability server solution for maximum operational security and automatic switchover to backup systems
  • Encryption of the relational database with the AES256 encryption standard
  • Regular IT security checks by external bodies (penetration tests, security audits and independent certifications)
  • Protection of the relational database against unauthorized access
  • Product LifeCycle Management
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Gemos gets a new multi-layout and multi-function module called ‘Mosaic’. This new multi-functional PSIM module provides various building layout visualizations, functions and operation options. It is possible to display multiple buildings on a site (e.g. airport, prison, military, campus, etc.) with support for multiple lay-out standards and formats. The easy navigation allows to zoom into available building layouts, including a simple floor navigation. The display of video pop-ups and a video playback functionality are possible in conjunction with the VMS systems and connected video cameras depending on the VMS integration.

Other options are:

  • On/off functionality for individual and grouped sensors including layers.
  • Definition and activation of alarm areas within building layouts using only a PC mouse
  • Control of door functions including evacuation (when GPS devices are integrated)
  • Tracking of GPS controlled objects (when integrating GPS devices)
  • GIS module with multiple GIS formats supported

In addition Gemos 5 offers a modern, redesigned GUI, includes a next generation SQL database, a new redundancy solution and a new enterprise concept.

Gemos Access

Gemos adv. PSIM and Gemos access for access control are both 100% web-based and share the same core and data base. PSIM and Gemos access simultaneously provide a logical, system-integrated solution with PSIM and access control system architecture.
The two systems Gemos adv. PSIM and Gemos access can work as individual independent security systems or as a fully integrated security system (PSIM and ­access control in one system). Whatever solution the customer chooses, even when operating separately, both platforms can be synchronized back into one system at any time by adding a single software ­license. This flexibility makes Gemos adv. PSIM and Gemos access unique.
The 21/22 version of Gemos access offers a variety of new features and integrations such as an OSDP protocol integration in addition to the existing PHG and Wiegand protocol support and new BKS product integrations like for example the escape door control ‘FTNT’ and electronic cylinders “ixalo”. Gemos access also provide own integrated burglar detection platform using own hardware as well as new HTML-based card printing layout and support for desktop, long range and biometric readers. Overall there are 28 different optional software modules for different installations and requirements available. 


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