Security for Ports 2021

Special Focus: Keep on Shipping

15.07.2021 - Keeping up logistics, shipping on high seas and waterways is a business which needs to be carefully run on big trade ports, rivers or passages, ­especially on the word trading routs. We could get an impression of what happens, if sea traffic comes to a stand during the past month when Suez Canal was blocked. Logistics in Ports and waterways is a high-security topic, which is why GIT SECURITY collected some of the security technologies on the market that help keeping up the flow of logistics safe and secure.

Everyone should have noticed that logistics in the field of shipping is of huge importance as far as world trade is concerned ever since the 400-meter-long freighter “Ever Given” became wedged and crossed, causing a blockade in the Suez Canal.
It was not until eleven days after, the ship ran aground that the blockage at sea was cleared. A picture that will surely go down in history as the accidental spectacle of 2021. During that time, 422 ships had to wait out the canal that connects the Red Sea with the Mediterranean. The blockade caused delays in world trade and supply chains. Currently, the “Ever Given” lies between the northern and southern parts of the Suez Canal in Great Bitter Lake. So the cause investigation is still ongoing, as Egypt wants to evaluate the ship’s data log and talk to the 25 crew members, among other things.
This shows that passages and ports are to be surveilled and if something goes wrong it can have tremendous effects on world trade with the risk of costs going high up, if as many parties are involved as in logistics. GIT SECURITY looks at a number of surveillance systems that help prevent disruptions, fraud or other criminal activities on large sites like trading ports.

Radar PTZ for Ports

Radar gives organizations the big picture for their perimeter protection operations, and cameras help to identify intruders and collect evidence of security breaches. When it comes to protecting a site’s perimeter boundaries, video and radar are extremely powerful technologies. With radar, organizations can identify people or vehicles that enter a site and follow their movements accurately. As for video, it allows teams to rapidly identify potential security threats, see exactly what is happening, and respond faster to protect people and assets. To help organizations harness the power of multi-dimensional perception in their perimeter-protection solutions, Hikvision has created the all-in-one Radar PTZ solution. This combines a Hikvision radar sensor with a latest generation Hikvision PTZ camera and deep learning capabilities to support a step-change in perimeter security. When the built-in radar sensor detects a moving object, an alert is sent to the PTZ camera. This then zooms in and focuses on the object if it is a human or vehicle of interest, with the help of deep learning video analytics. An alert is also sent to the security team automatically, enabling a faster and more effective response in the event of a security breach.

Zooming into Large Spaces

A combination of patented, unique video technology and sophisticated, tailored analytics helps port operators keep cost down and maximise security. According to Dallmeier, their solution “Panomera for Ports” equippes users with a camera that comes with the Panomera effect. Their huge widths, as well as areas with large distances can be displayed with a completely new quality – claiming that the Panomera effect begins where HD and megapixel cameras reach their limits. Even objects that are farther away can be displayed with the same resolution as objects in the foreground of the picture. Panomera solves the well-known problem with PTZ cameras whereby the operator has to choose between overview image and detailed view: It does not matter which section of a surveillance area an operator focuses on at any time, because Panomera always records the entire scene. It is thus possible to later reconstruct any event for use as evidence in court, regardless of where it took place, and to recognise all persons.

Vessel Traffic Services

Moving further on to water applications, there is another solution that targets vessel traffic. Terma have delivered and installed numerous radar sensor systems worldwide since the early 1990s – initially tailored for VTS applications in ports and waterways where the increased vessel traffic in congested areas called for improved monitoring and surveillance – essentially for economic and safety reasons. Later, port authorities have been forced to tighten up surveillance requirements to encompass security. The Scanter product range comprises the Scanter 5000 Solid State Pulse Compression Series radar; the Scanter 4000 combined Sea and Air Surveillance radar, and the latest development, the Scanter 2000 Series Radar, utilizing solid state technology and processing gained from the renowned Scanter 2001 Radar.

Making the Most of Analytics

Another part of a functioning security system is the evaluation of data. Avigilon, for example, has a complete security solution which provides exceptional image quality and easy-to-use video management software to help secure seaports and reduce the number of interruptions across logistics. The self-learning video analytics recognize threats without predefined rules to help detect, verify and act faster. It extends the effectiveness of security personnel by providing effective monitoring and enabling proactive, real-time response from the team. Built from the ground up to manage high-definition video, Avigilon offers analytics embedded in Avigilon cameras up to 5K (16 MP) resolution, for example, the H4 Pro Camera range. Avigilon’s advanced video pattern detection technology is able to accurately recognize the movements of people and vehicles while ignoring motion not relevant to a scene.

CCTV System

Cathexis’ flagship software suite, CathexisVision provides an IP Video Management Solution with an extensive range of options, tools and functionality to satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements. CathexisVision offers a unique and comprehensive bouquet of security services for ports and maritime security. With a significant portion of world trade transported by sea, the importance of surveillance security cannot be underestimated. Ports demand the very latest in CCTV surveillance technology to maintain the highest levels of security. The CathexisVision IP Video Management Software provides the surveillance solutions that meet the high security demands required for these environments. It provides smart video analytics, unlimited scalability, object counting, and it can be integrated with third party systems: For the management of ports, it is important that the system can be integrated with many different technology systems, such as goods scanning systems, weighbridges, and access control. The interactive user interface provides a visual representation of single or multiple sites. Operators can navigate through multiple layers of maps to selected sites, drag-and-drop cameras to selected monitors, control outputs, and move PTZ cameras. Users can also navigate multiple sites throughout the enterprise with the map facility.

Container Code Recognition

Another vital topic in logistics is tracking containers. Mobotix, as an example, has created the container code recognition app which recognizes cargo container codes according to ISO 6346 with an accuracy of over 99% and searches for individual components. The Vaxtor VaxOCR Container Code Recognition detects container codes even when the container or camera is moving at speeds of up to 20km/h.




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