Feb. 01, 2010

SeeTec: New name and expansion

SeeTec becomes a stock corporation

Within the course of its expansion to new markets, SeeTec has faced the challenge to set up a flexible and sustainable company structure. Thus, the management decided to incorporate the SeeTec Communications GmbH & Co. KG to SeeTec AG. This transition allows SeeTec to remain a privately held company in the future, being independent and growing from its own strength.
Thus, the SeeTec AG based in Philippsburg (Germany) has been founded December 9th 2009. The SeeTec Communications GmbH & Co. KG, Philippsburg, was fully integrated into the new stock corporation and therefore ceased to exist. The SeeTec AG is the legal successor of the SeeTec Communications GmbH & Co. KG, all current transactions can proceed without change. New transaction should be processed with the SeeTec AG. The VAT number of SeeTec AG is DE267772242.


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