Seven Trends in the Security and Identity Industry

01.03.2022 - HID Global has outlined what it considers the important trends that are set to reshape the security industry in 2022 and beyond: supply chain issues, sustainability, SaaS-delivered identities, digital IDs, future of work, contactless biometrics and data science.

Semiconductor shortages, global logistics bottlenecks, and corresponding cost increases will impact everything from readers and control panels to sensors and detectors. The focus on sustainability will grow, driving suppliers to increase focus on digital solutions. Digital transformation has started the move to cloud deployments and service models, providing opportunities to manage access control for applications, physical assets, and data. Digital wallet adoption is at an all-time high. In 2022, there will be a tipping point for digital IDs to outpace physical ones, and digital services will play a vital role as suppliers organize around service models and service-led growth. Biometrics paired with cloud-based identity management solutions is poised to deliver secure authentication data privacy. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will become more tightly woven into the fabric of trusted identity solutions across the physical and digital continuum, automating and optimizing performance, accuracy, safety, and security.


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