Apr. 08, 2020

Siemens orders Safeture platform

The German company Siemens, one of the largest companies in Europe, has recently purchased the Safeture Enterprise platform for its employees with a focus on business travelers. The initial order value is estimated to 767 thousand EUR over the next three years.

Safeture is a Software as a Service company based in Lund, Sweden. The company offers a complete cloud-based platform, Safeture Enterprise, designed to manage employee security and safety and risk/crisis management and is used globally by more than 3000 major companies.

The platform enables the implementation of security processes and the distribution of reliable and fast security-related information to individuals and organizations.
Siemens will use Safeture Enterprise open platform architecture to mix content from Safeture analytic departments with content from Siemens internal security analysts.

“Siemens is a world class industry leader with global operations. We are very happy to begin working with them and at the same time strengthen our DACH operations”, says Magnus Hultman, CEO of Safeture AB.

“Safeture enables us to keep up two-way-communications with our travelers and employees in case of an emergency”, adds Marco Mille, Head of Siemens Corporate Security. “Real-time mass notifications and strong geo location services enhance our travel security portfolio for the sake of our employees’ life and limb.”


Safeture Enterprise
Ideon Gateway Scheelevägen 27
223 63 Lund

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