Simple But Effective AccessControl: Südmetall Presents ÜManagement 2.0

21.07.2021 - Südmetall Schließsysteme focuses on the development and production of electromechanical locks and access solutions ‘Made in Germany’. An experienced and motivated team at the Leipzig site works intensively together with highly qualified partners on smart solutions for electronic access management. Because needs change over time, Südmetall strives to continuously optimize and improve its own products. All this is done with the aim of making life a little more convenient, safer, and therefore better.

One of the company’s ranges, ­ÜLock-B, is a product group of locks with a panic function, which comes in several variants: ÜLock-B Cable, ÜLock-B Battery and ÜLock-B Inductive. Brand new on the market is the ÜLock-Z, effectively a ÜLock-B with access control on both sides, i.e. without panic function, for particularly sensitive rooms. Here too there are wired, battery-operated, and inductive variants.

Safe From Both Sides

The ÜLock-B locks offer security on both sides of the door – for the protection of human life and material assets. A panic function in the direction of escape ensures a safe exit in the event of an emergency, and the self-locking feature ensures that the door is otherwise always bolted. The lock offers no attack surface from the outside as the electronics are installed completely within the lock case and the lock has a high resistance class against mechanical manipulation. The fittings are freely selectable according to the design requirements of the particular object – additional/new door fittings are not mandatory. Data transmission between the lock, RFID card and RFID reader is encrypted in the best possible way – which ensures the best possible protection against burglary. Access management is handled by the license-free ÜManagement 2.0 software.
ÜLock locks are perfect for retrofitting because the doors do not need to be wired. In addition, the ‘Data on Card’ access control operating principle means that no network wiring is required between the doors and the computer. Both battery-operated and inductive locks are compatible here. A common power supply of the reader and the ÜLock-B Inductive is possible; alternatively, battery operated readers can be used. Application in fire protection doors is also possible as the locks are certified accordingly.

Management Platform

The new ÜManagement 2.0 from Südmetall is as simple as it is ingenious: it is a license-free management software package for access control with which individual buildings but also small to medium-sized hotels or several properties can be easily and simultaneously managed. Thanks to the uniform management of different locks, Südmetall ÜLocks, electronic cylinders and door handles can be controlled and individually managed according to the respective requirements. Direct authorizations and authorization groups/user groups can be assigned to the individual keys via the software. If a transponder is lost, there is a very low risk because it can be blocked or blacklisted with very little effort.
The software installation is carried out either via the single workstation version or via an SQL Server and multiple workstations. The software is convenient and secure, with individual rights assigned to each operator and automatic locking. There are no license fees and it is optimized for retrofitting.
Depending on the specific requirements, the software can be configured in two operating modes. While the ‘Management’ operating mode is tailored to small to medium-sized applications thanks to its simple operation, the ‘Professional’ operating mode enables further flexible options for larger applications, without losing any clarity. Different physical zones can be selected for each time zone. Room/apartment doors can be assigned to a building/hallway, which means that access to the respective doors does not have to be set separately. Common rooms can be assigned to a door group and additional groups can be assigned to a door, so that the selected door automatically receives authorizations to the selected door groups (such as a swimming pool or a sauna). Automatic unlocking times are enabled by the time zones.


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