Südmetall Has Introduced a New Range of Electronic Locks

19.01.2023 - Based on the current ÜLock Battery and Inductive wireless security lock, the new ÜLock Novus has a self-locking panic lock with a 20 mm latch bolt as well as wireless and Bluetooth connectivity options.

The company develops and manufactures electromechanical locks ‘Made in Germany’. An experienced and motivated team works intensively together with highly qualified partners at the headquarters in Leipzig on smart electronic access management solutions. Südmetall strives to constantly optimize and improve its own products because needs change over time. Their aim is to make people’s lives easier, more convenient, and safer.

Creating a product that does not compromise on design, that sets a new benchmark in the placement of electronics in terms of product safety, is compatible with the new trend of Bluetooth connectivity and opening, and creates new standards in sustainability; these were the aims that the developers of Südmetall Group were striving for.

The new ÜLock Novus solution was presented at the Security Essen 2022 exhibition. The name Novus was chosen precisely because of the many new possibilities (innovation aspects) that the market can be offered. The product is a new development, introduced and based on the current ÜLock Battery and Inductive wireless security lock, a self-locking panic lock with a 20 mm latch bolt as well as wireless and Bluetooth connectivity options.

The RFID reader unit of the ÜLock Novus is integrated into the key escutcheon in the smallest possible space, which means that the color and design of the handle models can be freely selected, and the mechanical profile cylinder for emergency opening can still be used ‑ design requirements no longer have to give way to functional solutions.

Security at the door has always been a basic need for people, so Südmetall has made it its mission to integrate all the electronics of access control into the lock and has skillfully implemented this. All sensitive components are contained in the lock case and are protected by both the door and the lock. On the outside of the key rosette there is only the reader unit that forwards the card data to the evaluation unit in the lock and cannot be manipulated.

Bluetooth in combination with smartphone apps is gaining ground on the European market. Südmetall is following this trend and has equipped the new ÜLock Novus with a Bluetooth module. Both control via smartphone and specific variants for OEM customers can be realized with the help of this interface.

Sustainable Building

Sustainable building and running costs are topics that every builder or specialist planner has to deal with sooner or later. Südmetall has achieved a perfect symbiosis of both aspects with the ÜLock Novus. On the one hand, the new solution is very simple to retrofit, and on the other hand no additional drilling, milling or holes are required for installation. Batteries, however, are skillfully integrated in the lock case, invisible to the user, and can be replaced via the lock forend, so there are no cables or transitions to be made. However, the ÜLock Novus has also been available as an inductive version since the first series onwards and puts an end to annoying battery replacement because the batteries are constantly charged from the striking plate into the lock via induction. Considering how many batteries have to be replaced annually for access control, this product is a true game-changer for sustainable building in the future.

ÜManagement 2.0 stands for a software platform that is easy to use yet versatile and consistent, and the administration is carried out uniformly for all doors. There is the option to integrate the ÜLock Novus into the customer’s system for suppliers who have their own platform.

Inductive Multipoint Lock

The ÜLock Inductive lock is the first inductive multi-point lock on the world market. In addition to all current approvals, it has a 5-point locking system and two different I/O modules for communication with intercoms, access control and other systems. Feedback messages can also be easily sent to the respective system via an active radio connection. The inductive charging and the radio connection make wiring within the door leaf unnecessary. A command can be given to engage the outside handle with the ÜLock multi-point either briefly or, for main entrance doors, for a longer period of time. In addition to the inductive variant, the lock is of course also available as a conventional wired variant with all feedback signals from the lock.

The next highlight at the Security Essen exhibition was unveiled in the ÜTopic area: a simple, rechargeable smart lock for existing doors. Through constant further development of the large range of accessories, such as keypads, fingerprint scanners, keypad combinations, hand transmitters, and interfaces for the small Smartlock, the Bridge and the Bluetooth relay have now also been introduced.

In addition to the Bluetooth connection directly from the smartphone to the ÜTopic, the Smartlock can now also be activated remotely via a Wi-Fi connection, and therefore remotely via the cloud. This creates many new capabilities, with the advantage that it can also be combined with cloud integrators in the future. The ÜTopic product range has also been expanded by a Bluetooth relay. This can also be used to open the ÜTopic Smartlock and a garage door via a Bluetooth relay, for example using an app. Many doors and gates can then be controlled via this app, and both options can be enhanced with a battery-operated keypad and a finger scanner.


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