Jun. 28, 2019

Teletek at Firex 2019

  • Addressable fire alarm panel  Iirs 8 by TeletekAddressable fire alarm panel Iirs 8 by Teletek

During last week at Firex2019, Teletek Electronics presented the new Addressable Fire Alarm Panel with 8 loops and touch display.

Iirs 8 is an addressable fire alarm panel with coverage of 200 zones and connecting 1 to 8 loops. Up to 250 devices per loop, 2000 devices per system, 64 panels/128 000 devices in a network and 10 000 events log. The information for the system status is visualized on New 7” Color Touch Display.


Teletek Electronics JSC
Taun Riedbach 15
1407 Sofia
Phone: +359 2 9694700

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