Theme Tour: Anti-Burglar-Protection

05.07.2016 - This Theme Tour is supported by Assa Abloy.

This Theme Tour is supported by:

GIT SECURITY suggests a tour for visitors to see everything that is new around anti-burglar-protection.

Theme tour at a glance:

Acoustical and optical signal devices:
CM Security - Hall 3.0, Stand 3C64
Vanderbilt - Hall 3.0, Stand 3B33
Kötter Security - Hall 2.0, Stand 2A40

Protection of doors, windows and locks:
Aug. Winkhaus - Hall 10, Stand 10B04
Gretsch Unitas - Hall 10, Stand 10C04
Evva - Hall 10, Stand 10D08
Salto Systems - Hall 11, Stand 11A16
Assa Abloy - Hall 11, Stand 11B16
SimonsVoss - Hall 11, Stand 11C12

Intrusion detection systems:
Lupus-Electronics - Hall 1.0, Stand 1C03
Abus - Hall 1.0, Stand 1E08
Schneider Intercom - Hall 3.0, Stand 3B48
Atral-Secal - Hall 3.0, Stand 3C84
Bird Home Automation - Hall 5.0, Stand 5A12.3


Behavioral prevention
It is important to secure the house, even though people think that they don’t have anything worth stealing. However, burglars often cause devastation and fear, therefore it is important to deter them with barriers and obstacles preferably with integrated light or noise.

Video technique and light for deterrence
Securing begins with fences and hedges. Video surveillance is essential, especially for dark and hidden corners or gateways and entrances. Burglars dread these technical elements. Another important element is lighting, for example an alarm lighting which will illuminate the entire area outside the house.

Tour 1: Start Hall 3
For information about acoustical and optical signal devices, we suggest the following short tour:

Start with CM Security in Hall 3 (Hall 3.0, Stand 3C64). Move on to the Vanderbilt booth (Hall 3.0, Stand 3B33) and end your tour with Kötter Security in Hall 2 (Hall 2.0, Stand 2A40).

If you want to know more about video surveillance, take a look at our theme tour Video Surveillance.


Objects of interest
Burglars take advantage of anonymity in cities and apartment blocks. So, intrusion into apartments is very common. The federal association of security technology says that in 47%, burglars crack apartments through entrance doors, 32% burglaries happen through terrace/balcony doors and 21% through windows. But some burglars also specialize in detached houses. 48% get in through terrace doors, 32% through the windows, 13% through entrance doors and 7% through the basement.

Mechanical hindering
It’s about making it as difficult as possible for the burglars. 40% give up when they face secured entries. So it should be a lot of work and create noise to get in. Mechanical security for windows and doors is equally as important as electrical security, if not more. Statistics show that burglars will give up, if they need more than five minutes.

Most commonly burglars lever out windows. Therefore windows should have mushroom pins. Doors and other entrances should also be secured with security fittings.


Tour 2: Start Hall 10
In ordert to learn about door, window and lock security follow this tour:
Start in hall 10 with Aug. Winkhaus (Hall 10, Stand 10B04), Gretsch Unitas (Hall 10, Stand 10C04) and Evva (Hall 10, Stand 10D08). Then move on to hall 11 and go to Salto Systems (Hall 11, Stand 11A16) and Assa Abloy (Hall 11, Stand 11B16) and finish your lock, door and window tour with SimonsVoss (hall 11, stand 11C12).

Electronic devices complement mechanical security

Burglar alarms in combination with mechanical security measures are a very good solution. However, it takes a lot more effort to install an entire intrusion detection system. Reliable detection, manipulation protection, and prevention of false alarms should all factor in with the installation process.

Also, even before the installation, there should be a hazard analysis or some kind of a risk evaluation.

One handy tool is Schneider Intercom's (Hall 3.0, Stand 3B48) SaveMe App. Clients can integrate emergency alarms as well as information on their smartphones with the whole security concept.


Tour 3: Start Hall 1
For information about intrusion detection systems, we suggest the following tour:
You can start in hall 1 at Lupus-Electronics (Hall 1.0, Stand 1C03) an Abus (Hall 1.0, Stand 1E08). Follow up with hall 3, which is directly connected to hall 1, and make a stop at Schneider Intercom (Hall 3.0, Stand 3B48) and Atral-Secal (Hall 3.0, Stand 3C84). Don’t forget to stop at hall 5 and take a look at Bird Home Automation (Hall 5.0, Stand 5A12.3). You can find intrusion detection systems as well as smart home solutions there.



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