Aug. 01, 2016

Uniview: Equipment for two Metro Lines

First Digital Coding CCTV System and Unified Management of Dedicated CCTV and Vehicle Monitoring

  • Metro Line in GuangzhouMetro Line in Guangzhou
  • Metro Line in Guangzhou
  • Metro Line Five Tianjin

Metro Line in Guangzhou
Guangzhou Metro line six adopted Uniview’s digital coding CCTV system, which is the first digital coding system used in Guangzhou metro system. Univiews CCTV system meets important demands such as system expansion and centralized review.

More than 1100 IP cameras were installed which covered 32 stations. Uniview’s camera series, Ipsan, has many functions such as raid 6, hot spare, 4M storage stream, 30 days’ storage time and 2000TB storage.

Metro Line Five Tianjin
Another Metro line has been equipped with the CCTV system in Tianjin Metro Line Five. SD encoder, decoder, Ipsan and VMS were deployed to provide direct video streams for the police. Encoder and NVRs for mobile surveillance system were built at the same time.

Ultimately, more vehicle cameras were added later on. Uniview covered 28 stations, 1 vehicle depot, 1 parking lot, 1 control center and more than 124 carriages with more than 1500 cameras. Every carriage was equipped with two encoders and one NVR. Over all, a whole Uniview solution was installed which included encoder/decoder, Ipsan and platform.


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