Updated Video Management Software

24.05.2021 - Wavestore is introducing an updated version of its open-platform and highly secure Linux-based Video Management Software (VMS).

Wavestore v6.26 enables bounding boxes and polygons to be rendered directly in the Waveview client. This can greatly improve situational awareness by instantly drawing operators’ attention to objects of interest. In this release, ONVIF analytics metadata from Bosch cameras is supported. To simplify the system set up, the ability has been added to enroll multiple cameras simply by using a ‘from – to’ address range. Multiple ranges can be added in this manner, and for can even include an address range which sits outside of the subnets of the server network interfaces. Many other new capabilities have been added, such as the highlighting of objects of interest along with the storing of object type and position metadata, in future using this data to enable powerful event and graphical searching


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