Viakoo Launches Enhanced Video Action Platform

New Platform Unveiled at ISC West 2022

04.04.2022 - At ISC West 2022, Viakoo demonstrated its newly enhanced Video Action Platform that provides automated service assurance and cyber hygiene solutions to eliminate both longstanding and new challenges, including the problem of missing video evidence.

The Viakoo Action Platform automatically verifies the performance and integrity of physical security systems – video surveillance, access control and related IoT devices – while delivering automated proof of compliance.

Leveraging Digital Twin technology to analyze physical security systems in near real-time, the Viakoo Action Platform detects physical security system failures and abnormalities, diagnoses problems, alerts users with information on how to remediate the problems and maintains detailed historical records of all system performance parameters. Additionally, the Viakoo solution only analyzes system metadata, eliminating data privacy issues. 

“Security professionals face many new and evolving challenges, including their role in maintaining the security and health safety of people, property and assets, while shielding their organizations from liability. As a result, system performance support such as ensuring that surveillance systems are actively recording event footage are more critical than ever,” said Bud Broomhead, Chief Executive Officer, Viakoo.

“By implementing automated solutions for early problem detection, precise diagnosis, remediation and compliance, Viakoo can reduce overall operations costs, enhance security, and help prevent potentially catastrophic lawsuits and liability claims.”

The importance of video surveillance system performance and integrity as an essential component of an organization’s risk reduction strategy is well documented. Recorded video helps protect against lawsuits, limits potential liabilities, and avoids organizational prosecution while identifying and supporting legal proceedings.

Unfortunately, the data networks that capture and store surveillance video are increasingly complex, widely distributed, and vulnerable to a wide range of problems that can cause video dropouts, loss of files, system takeovers, and complete failures – all without alerting management that there is any issue. In this situation, spot checking, scheduled maintenance and similar approaches do not effectively ensure that important video is being captured and stored as intended.

Viakoo has delivered more than one billion hours of automated system assurance and verification coverage for over one million customers’ devices and data streams. The field-proven automated solution has virtually eliminated time consuming and error prone manual processes previously required to verify and audit video operations, identify and correct system malfunctions, and similar tasks.

Viakoo solutions ensure that video, as well as data from other related physical security systems like access control, is consistently being monitored to verify their operation and recording video and security related data. In addition, the Viakoo Action Platform helps ensure that organizations meet compliance mandates for security video/data retention and chain-of-custody requirements.

The Viakoo Action Platform also helps security professionals safeguard their networks from hackers by defending IoT attack surfaces with automated firmware updates, certificate management and password policy enforcement.


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