Zaun’s Infrastructure Investment Continues with a Brand new Coil Grabber

13.04.2021 - Zaun is dedicated to improving working practices wherever and however possible. With that in mind they are in a constant state of infrastructure investment, to better allow themselves to meet the ever-developing needs of our customers.

It’s essential the efficiency is married with the health and safety of workforce, however, so this is a constant consideration.

Zaun announces the investment in a brand new Pfeifer three tonne wire coil grab.

What will the coil grabber do?

The wire coil grab is going to allow them to lift coils with greater safety and efficiency. Installed in the Zaun mesh manufacturing facility, where the team is already beginning to see the benefits it can offer.

The wire coil grab allows vertical storage of wire, meaning there’s no longer any need to roll the coils. Another clear benefit is that it offers consistent weight and height between individual packed coils, which makes storage that much more efficient. They are able to plan with regularity how many coils will be able to fit safely into a vertical stack, without the need for chocks.

These stacked coils ultimately take up less space in the storage facility, and allow to bring even more uniformity to the manufacturing process.


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