Jul. 26, 2019

Zenitel: New Edge in Intelligent Communication

“Intelligent Communication systems are on the verge of becoming pervasive, smarter and easier to use and deploy,” says Lars Paulsson, newly appointed Executive Vice President for Security & Safety for Zenitel. “CSOs are demanding a security information management platform that can support intelligent communications across the enterprise. This includes supporting virtual security operation centers on premise or through a managed service. Delivering this will require pushing intelligence to the edge, to whatever device is needed to respond to an incident or to optimize a business process.”

The future of Intelligent Communication

Their IC-Edge devices are intelligent at the core, supporting advanced intelligibility, discoverability, and smart and streamlined audio management. Although there is advanced sound engineering, the complexity is hidden from the user. “They are self-aware, plug and play, and easy to use,” adds Paulsson.

Zenitel has partnered with leading access control and video surveillance management vendors to ensure full interoperability. This promises to embed communications in every process, reducing the time it takes to respond to any incident. 

Their new ICX Platform will power the next-generation of IC systems and devices, thanks to its innovative design, high scalability and robustness, as well as a wide array of integration and connectivity possibilities.

Zenitel is offering their technology on an integrated hardware platform, called ICX-500 Gateway. However, the platform will also be delivered as a software package only (ICX-Core) allowing safety and security platforms to embed ICX technology into their offerings.

To create an intelligent business, CIOs and CSOs must ensure cybersecurity, scalability, maintainability, reliability, and interoperability.

Both the IC-EDGE series and ICX platform exceed this IT mandate for intelligent business across mission-critical systems.



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