Ajax Introduces OS Malevich 2.13.1 Update

Access codes for keypads without registering a user

The OS Malevich 2.13.1 update brings a possibility to create keypad access codes for users that have no account in an Ajax security system.

From now on, users don’t need to register an account for office workers, cleaning personnel, or real estate agents to enable them to manage security with Ajax keypads: they just assign a separate access code in the hub settings.

In addition, users can create a duress code and manage access to certain areas of a secured facility as well as activate Night mode, if the group mode is enabled for an Ajax hub. The servicing personnel will have access only to the rooms with equipment that requires maintenance.

Users can assign a name and ID to the access code for Ajax keypads. A servicing or management company can use unique IDs to grant its employees or contractors access to multiple hubs and track their activities at different objects. Event logs and notifications in the PRO Desktop app  display the name of the person/company as specified in the settings and an ID if Translator or third-party monitoring station software is used.

A person can have the same access code, name, and ID for any number of hubs. This way, the  support engineer will be able to use the same 4–6 digit passcode for tens of objects. 

In addition, OS Malevich 2.13.1 improves the Photo by Scenario function. This update allows MotionCam PhOD detectors to take photos both in case of fire detector alarms and when any security devices within the system (opening detectors, panic buttons, integrated wired devices, etc.) are triggered.

How to get the update
Hubs will be updated within five weeks after the release. The update is installed automatically when the security system is disarmed and the hub is connected to power supply and Internet. Note that the new features will not be available for the Hub control panel.

To use the new features, do not forget to update the Ajax apps. Versions of Ajax apps supporting the OS Malevich 2.13.1 features:

  • Ajax 2.21 and higher (for iOS)
  • Ajax 2.24 and higher (for Android)
  • Ajax PRO 1.15 and higher (for iOS)
  • Ajax PRO 1.15 and higher​ (for Android)
  • Ajax PRO Desktop 3.3 and higher (for macOS)
  • Ajax PRO Desktop 3.3 and higher (for Windows)


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