Assa Abloy: Incedo for Professional Security Business

Plexus managers sought a more flexible access system for their own head office in Swansea, Wales. Alongside integrated control, Plexus prioritized modern access control with lower maintenance costs than their current system, as well as the potential to be operated securely from the cloud.

Any new installation should offer the option to further scale - in any direction - in the future. They required a broad choice of wireless and wired door devices and readers for multiple types of opening - and a straightforward upgrade path for both hardware and software.

Assa Abloy's Incedo Business platform was the company's ultimate choice. Installing wireless locks, readers and controllers from the broad range was fast and simple, streamlining the switch to Incedo Business. “Hardware architecture is well manufactured, and this goes hand-in-hand with software that has fantastic ease of use,” says Marcus Elphick, Operations Director at Plexus Fire and Security.

Fully featured cloud management
With keyless locking and Incedo Business management software, Plexus managers control exactly who goes where around their offices. They can set times when defined user groups may open specific doors. It keeps staff moving and safe without the hassle of physical keys.

"The new software has been seamless, much simpler and with a common sense approach to structure,” says Elphick. Incedo Business software is intuitive to operate from any PC. The entire Incedo platform is fully flexible and modular, allowing Plexus to add more locks or change management software options whenever they need. They are already planning to extend control: remote sites, entrance gates and warehouse access control will be covered, too. “We have been so pleased with the system and its capabilities,” Elphick adds.

Plexus aim to quickly upgrade to new Incedo Business Cloud management, which offers them real-time and around the clock access from anywhere, and for a greater number of doors, as they look to expand coverage to more sites. “Incedo’s integrated access control platform already delivers connectivity and convenience,” says Stephanie Ordan, VP Digital and Access Solutions at Assa Abloy Opening Solutions EMEA. “Now it delivers in the cloud, too. Incedo keeps premises secure and filters access intelligently, to manage the ever-changing movement of people - from anywhere. Your business is not static, and there is no reason why your security should be.”

“Incedo’s system management options scale from entry level up to cloud-based administration,” adds Kevin Hoare, Incedo Product Unit Director at Assa Abloy Opening Solutions EMEA. “You can manage multiple sites and third-party integrations, including security solutions like CCTV. Scale up and down, add or remove hardware and credentials on demand - or switch system management options - all within your single environment. Migration between local and cloud management is always seamless in any direction, ensuring total flexibility for your business.”

Whatever the 2020s bring next, Incedo gives security the flexibility to adapt.



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