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  • TKH: Hotspot Detection and Flare MonitoringTKH: Hotspot Detection and Flare Monitoring

TKH Security Solutions is now addressing two major Health, Safety, and Environment issues: hotspot detection and flare monitoring. These two important HSE issues can be kept under close watch with the TKH Security Solutions Flare & HotspotUltimo. The marine and oil and gas industries can benefit from the Ultimo’s hotspot detection and flare monitoring in uncooled, real-time thermal and optical imaging in one robust housing.

Hotspot Detection
Lingering unobserved for days or even weeks, hotspots can burst suddenly into flames. This can occur in engine rooms, refineries, pumps, coal piles, etc. These hotspots cannot be seen by the naked eye. Thus, thermal imaging has become a vital tool in the marine and oil and gas industries but also in industrial environments. The Flare & Hotspot Ultimo offers a powerful tool in prevention and maintenance; thermal imaging and heat signatures are made visible and appropriate actions can be taken to avert disaster.

Flare Monitoring
Flare stacks require constant monitoring for the presence of a flame, and to ensure that proper combustion has taken place. The Flare & Hotspot Ultimo camera combines thermal and optical imaging for effective flare monitoring. This camera offers reliability and cost effectiveness, and can be mounted easily in an accessible location. What is more, when the operator sees that optimal flame color and height have been achieved, they can determine whether prime combustion has been reached. This determination can lead to reduced gas discharge, and minimization of CO2 emissions.

All-in-one Solution
The Flare and Hotspot Ultimo camera with dual imaging is an all-in-one solution for hotspot detection and flare monitoring. Not only can it be adapted to suit the user’s needs, it communicates intelligently with the control room to notify the operator immediately if anything has gone amiss. This dual imaging camera provides thermal analytics and full-color HD monitoring in one sturdy and compact housing.


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