Patol Launched Aspirating Smoke Detection at Firex 2018

Patol introduced a new option for the Securiton aspirating smoke detection (ASD) system at Firex International, with the incorporation of gas detection technology to further extend the capabilities of the system in protecting a wider range of environments.

Patol has worked with worldwide supplier of gas detection solutions GfG to come up with the solution. By attaching the flexible wall-mounted gas monitor which is housed in a Perspex enclosure to the pipework of the aspirating system, Patol can now offer integrated gas detection. The pump from the aspirating smoke detection chamber draws the air through the pipework, which passes through the gas monitor before entering the ASD chamber. The monitor checks for the presence of toxic or flammable gases such as Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen or Hydrogen in a single intelligent unit which combines both transmitter and controller. It features pluggable smart sensors and a large LCD display for ease of reading, with the alarm triggered if the gas concentration reaches a pre-set threshold. It features a two-stage alarm, with the alarm LED simultaneously activating the alarm relay of the ASD system.

Simplicity of operation is at the heart of the design of the Securiton ASD system and this is also carried through in the new gas detector. The menu-assisted configuration and calibration is accessed from just three keys, with an AutoCal feature which automatically adjusts the measurement signal of the test gas during calibration. It has a large display which continuously provides information relating to the gas concentration levels and the operation status.

Commenting on the new development, Kelvin Miller, Sales Director at Patol, said – “We chose Firex to introduce this to the market. There are many applications which do not require gas detection and we will continue to provide ASD systems for these. But, as with the option of heated sampling points which can prove beneficial in cold store environments, this optional extra will enable us to take the benefits that ASD provides as a fast and reliable fire detection solution and apply it more widely.

The versatility of the ASD technology means that it is already used in many varied applications. With integrated gas detection now also available, we will see it being adopted in even more.”

The Securiton ASD range, available in the UK through Patol, is approved to EN54-20 class A, B & C and offers scalable high sensitivity smoke detection from small single premises to much larger facilities.


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