Smoke and Heat in a single detector

System Sensor Fire Protection

  • Smoke and Heat in a single detectorSmoke and Heat in a single detector

It is used at home, factory, shopping mall, hotel, restaurants, office etc. When one detector is triggered, the interconnected detectors within 200m will make sound and light alarm as well. It will note people at first time to leave fire place before fire is on.

Functions and Specification:
1.In comply with EN54-4, UL539, EN14604, UL217
2.Smoke alarm Sensitivity: 2.06%+/-1.3% /feet
3.Alarm temperature:57℃(135℉) fixed temperature alarm
4.Wireless 433MHz 2262 encoding form, can work with 2262 same coding form wireless alarm panel.
5.Interconnection function of max 40pcs same detectors with 200m.
6.With test and hush button.
7.Low battery warning.
8.Power supply:AC220V with 9V backup battery
9.Sound level: 85dB/3m
10.Installation:wall or ceiling mounted


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