Wagner Group GmbH: fire protection solutions

Wagner Group GmbH: fire protection solutions. Wagner Group GmbH will have its own stand this year at the leading Fire Protection and Fire Protection exhibition in Birmingham.

The German company will be presenting its innovative fire protection solutions and inviting visitors to a live demonstration in the Wagner truck. With its comprehensive product range, Wagner Group GmbH is a provider of choice for integrated fire protection solutions in the areas of fire detection, fire fighting, fire prevention and risk management in general.

Wagner will use presentations on its stand to provide information about its latest fire protection solutions, with emphasis on the innovative OxyReduct fire prevention system and the Titanus air sampling smoke detection family of products.

One special feature of the Titanus ultra-sensitive air sampling smoke detection system is the considerable time gained to enable proper measures to be taken. Titanus Micro·Sens Room·Ident provides companies with a fire detection system which automatically specifies the fire location in up to five neighbouring compartments with just one air sampling system.

So in the event of a fire, the exact location is given, with precise information about the room in which the fire smoke is detected. Wagner is also concerned with very early detection over the entire spectrum of possible fires. This is where the ultra-sensitive Titanus Rack Sens and Titanus Silent air sampling smoke detection systems come into their own.

Titanus Rack·Sens was designed for use in server and switch cabinets, whereas Titanus Silent is Wagner’s solution for all types of equipment, but especially for noise-sensitive areas in compliance with applicable noise control regulations.

Visitors to International Firex will be offered a special highlight – the Wagner truck. A live demonstration of the innovative OxyReduct fire prevention system will show how fire can actually be prevented. For this purpose the oxygen concentration in a special cabin will be reduced by adding nitrogen.

This will make it impossible to light a cigarette lighter, for example.

OxyReduct has now been tried and tested worldwide, with hundreds of installations.


Firex, Hall 3, Stand D5

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