IPS: Updated VMS Software

IPS has further optimized its IPS Video Manager and IPS Video Analytics with software release 11.0.

The focus was on increasing user-friendliness by integrating some useful features and improving IT security and connectivity. In this way, IPS is responding to the requirements of its long-term partners, who in turn find out from their customers firsthand where there is room for improvement. For a manual search for a specific event in the recorded video material, IPS has increased the maximum playback speed many times over. Viewing video footage is now up to 1,000 times faster. Casinos in particular had asked for this improvement. Another practical feature is to keep the playback mode and the playback time when a second camera is connected to the window of the first. This allows the operator to track suspicious people from camera to camera on the same monitor or video window all the way, also in reverse or in pause mode.


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