ComNet's Gen 3 Wireless Ethernet Solution

  • ComNet's Gen 3 Wireless Ethernet SolutionComNet's Gen 3 Wireless Ethernet Solution

ComNet is announcing the introduction of its Generation 3 line of NetWave wireless products that offer greater performance and increased stability in applications where interference is a challenge.

The NW1 Gen 3 increases throughput up to 240 Mbps, adds a 10/100/1000Mbps port and pass-through PoE and is designed for applications of up to 2 miles.  The wide range of channel spectrum widths available on the NW1 series of radios gives the user the option of narrowing channel bandwidths as the network grows increasing the number of non-overlapping channels while improving stability. The all-new NW1 throughput is far greater than the original 95Mbps the original NW1 offered. The NW1 is available in kit form, the NWK1 and consists of two MAC Address-locked radios and mounting hardware. Each NW1 unit is enclosed in a new more durable enclosure and is designed for extreme conditions and has an extended operating temperature range as well as being IP67 rated for resistance to water and dust intrusion. As with other ComNet NetWave products, the NWK1 is easy to set up and operate. It features a unique connection procedure using LEDs to assist in aiming the units for optimal performance.

According to Andrew Acquarulo Jr., ComNet CEO and President, “Our engineering team was challenged to increase performance in our next generation of NetWave products. We wanted to increase performance without increasing the cost to our customers.” “This new NW1 accomplished all our goals for this product line.” Acquarulo concluded.

 “The increased performance of the NW1 allowed us to reduce our NetWave model offering and ultimately make selecting the right NetWave® product very easy for our customers,” said Skip Haight, ComNet VP of Marketing. “We believe everybody is looking for that something extra and, in this case, we are giving ComNet customers increased performance at no additional cost,” Haight added.


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