Mobile Phone and PDA Forensics: Cellebrite Releases UFED Physical Analyzer Version 2.0

Cellebrite, provider of mobile forensic solutions, announced the release of UFED Physical Analyzer, Version 2.0, a comprehensive software package update for its market-leading mobile forensic extraction device. With the latest iteration of UFED Physical Analyzer 2.0, law enforcement and intelligence agencies will possess a more robust and powerful tool for analyzing mobile phone data used to arrest, try and convict lawbreakers.

For years Cellebrite's UFED has served as the go-to mobile data extraction tool for officers seeking to leverage information from mobile phones to catch and prosecute criminal on the local, state and federal levels. New features in the latest release include:

  • UFED Physical Analyzer - A completely revamped version of Cellebrite's industry leading parsing tool and report generator, with vastly upgraded capability to analyze and pars iPhone and Blackberry devices.Instant search function, improved application load times, plug-in support,and python scripting are just some of the highlights.

  • UFED Phone Detective - A new application enabling examiners to instantly identify specific mobile phone models, simply by inputting certain physical characteristics of the phone such as form, brand and other visual elements, or by inputting the Type Allocation Code (TAC).

  • Enhanced Device Support - UFED Physical Analyzer 2.0 adds support for more mobile devices than ever, bringing the total number of profiles supported by the device to over 5900, including exclusive support for Samsung, LG and Sony Ericsson products. Historically challenging CDMA physical dump capability has been expanded by astounding 200 devices.

  • UFED Physical Analyzer 2.0 enables military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies to easily extract deleted data, passwords, contacts, text messages, call logs, emails, GPS locations, web history, calendar entries and much more. New parsing capabilities such as iPhone Skype support, browser cookies, Wi-Fi and Cell Tower locations and more make it the most advanced end to end solution available to the mobile forensic community.

"UFED Physical Analyzer 2.0 is the latest word in the mobile forensic industry" says Ron Serber, co-CEO of Cellebrite.

"With a redesigned software infrastructure, user interface and improved reporting capabilities, it has improved power, versatility and ease of use - three of the most necessary factors for forensic investigators. Cellebrite continues to set the industry standard in mobile forensics."

UFED Physical Analyzer 2.0 is available now at no cost to current UFED Physical Pro users. 



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