Combination of optical smoke alarm, thermo-differential alarm and multi-sensor smoke alarm

Notifier by Honeywell has introduced its new fire alarms from the Opal-series, replacing the existing alarms of the 700-series. The alarm series is composed of an optical smoke alarm, a thermo-differential alarm, and a multi-sensor smoke alarm with optical, thermo and IR-sensors.

Also available will be the newest versions of the ring bus modules and ring bus fed alarms. The use of fire alarm systems with ring bus elements of the Opal-series offers the installation contractor advantages with the installation, operation and problem-shooting of fire alarm systems. The new, 5mm lower universal base facilitates better cabling access, and offers a universal solution for on-wall and in-wall wiring and a plastic platelet can be taken off and used as a mounting for the labeling of the alarm.


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