Nov. 19, 2010

Frost protected eye showers

Emergency Safety Showers and Eyebaths must be provided wherever employees may be exposed to external injury from chemicals or other substances hazardous to health.

The FSP-Tech range of showers, eyebaths and decontamination systems include models suitable for all conditions including:

► Frost protected models for external use in cold climates
► Self-draining models for external use in hot climates
► Tank showers of different capacities for when warm water is required
     or a constant supply of water cannot be guaranteed
► Eye showers with bowl and lid or hand-held models
► And in addition a wide range of models for internal use.

All showers and eyebaths can be manufactured so they are suitable for use in Ex Zones 1 & 2. Since 2008 the FSP-Tech GmbH is certified for development, production, maintenance and distribution of Safety Equipment for laboratories, trade and industry in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and all of its products comply with the relevant DIN and ANSI standards.

New Laboratory Range:
FSP-Tech introduced a specialist range of emergency safety showers and eye washes for laboratories which includes the ClassicLine range of trigger operated eye showers, which are available with single or twin spray heads and can be either bench or table mounted. All the FSP-Tech eye showers meet the requirements of DIN EN 15154-2. Mr. Thomas Geier, Managing Director of FSP-Tech played a leading role in developing the latest European Standards.


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