Mar. 09, 2010

Automatic door locking system

  • Magnetic triggeringMagnetic triggering
  • Magnetic triggering
  • Automatic multi point locking system with panic function
  • Ideal for main doors in multi-family houses or in construction projects
  • The FUHR solution for 2-leafed exit doors with AUTOTRONIC 834P and two-way casing
  • Fully-motorised multi point locking system
  • FUHR radio-controlled access control modules

FUHR MULTISAFE 833 and AUTOTRONIC 834 automatic locking systems:

Perfected technology innovatively further developed.

Automatic locking systems, in particular those equipped with “latch-deadbolt technology” rank among the security system trend products. For this reason, the FUHR MULTISAFE 833 is considered a benchmark in this segment. The automatic locking points are responsible for this; engaging as soon the door has been closed over. Three latches - two of them with 20 mm protrusion - lock powerfully and extremely securely, and with this, provide stability and impermeability. This keeps intruders out and energy in!

Apart from this plus in security, FUHR supplies technology designed with durability and reliability in mind. It is wear-free, dirt resistant and quiet due to the magnetic triggering. (ill. 1)

High-quality PVC inserts in the latch-deadbolts and the noise insulated internal mechanism in the latch-deadbolt casings provide audible and perceptible smooth closing. The fact that FUHR technology is also intelligently well thought through for fabricators is evident in the inter-coordinated routing dimensions for the entire MULTISAFE concept.

Straightforward, but yet intelligent: MULTISAFE 833P automatic panic lock

Escape route solutions require special technological requirements, if automatic multi point locking systems are to be used. With the MULTISAFE 833P, FUHR provides a solution that enables two significant functions to be ideally combined with each other: automatic multi point locking and panic opening. (ill. 2)

When closing over the door, both the latch-deadbolts as well as the main deadbolt automatically protrude and secure the door against unauthorised access. With just one hand - either via the lever-handle or the panic bar - all locking points are immediately disengaged in the case of an emergency. Once again FUHR provides technology that guarantees maximum security and reliability.

FUHR AUTOTRONIC 834: premium technology for ease of operation

Automatic locking and motorised opening.

The FUHR AUTOTRONIC 834 automatic lock makes multi-family houses more convenient.

As the main door is always automatically locked and can be opened using the motor-driven function. Cumbersome stair climbing to open the door is now a thing of the past.

The door is now simply unlocked from within the apartment, e.g. with the usual intercom system.

The AUTOTRONIC 834 convinces with robust technology and at the same time stands for innovative, future-oriented solutions that guarantee security right from the start. In planning, fabrication and use. Because the new AUTOTRONIC 834 carries the genes of the successfully established and well proven fully-motorised MULTITRONIC lock system. The latch-deadbolts are automatically mechanically locked and electrically opened using the motor-driven function. This is all facilitated by a powerful, fast and very quiet drive unit that works based on the well proven dual-motor principle.

And by the way; the motorised and manual opening function can be deactivated via key, e.g. as a child safety lock. In doing so, the main deadbolt and the latch-deadbolts remain securely locked.

This is a good example of how - in concrete terms - the well proven and innovations can be interlinked and is further evidence of how FUHR is making history with technology.

This claim is also well reflected in the various AUTOTRONIC 834 configuration levels. These include for example the FUHR access control systems such as radio key, fingerprint scanner and transponder or revolving door control unit. (ill. 3)

Additional possibilities specifically for project applications include permanently-on function, electronically disengaging the access control system or the door leaf position detection.

FUHR AUTOTRONIC 834P – also safe in the case of an emergency

Building security in an emergency requires security technology at the highest possible level. Particularly in projects. For this very purpose, FUHR - the specialist for innovative security systems - supplies the comprehensive MULTISAFE panic lock product range.

Representing this is the new AUTOTRONIC 834P. With this system FUHR provides a project-related solution for 1 and 2-leafed exit doors, that connect an automatic multi point locking system with a convenient motorised opening and integrated panic function. Panic is out of the question: even during a power failure - the mechanical door lock can be opened manually at all times from the inside via the lever-handle or the panic exit bar.

This lock is particularly well suited for use in construction projects where operation is implemented via access control. The door is automatically securely closed, both via the latch-deadbolts as well as via the main deadbolt.

FUHR supplies the AUTOTRONIC 834P with a two-way casing and switch-latch for 2-leafed escape door designs. (ill. 4) This enables opening both the active as well as the passive leaf in the case of an emergency in a flash, by simply operating the lever-handle or push bar. When required, the two-way casings’ connecting-rods are retracted upon opening the passive leaf, and at the same time all of the active leaf’s locking points are pushed back. The connecting-rods automatically latch in this position. Only when the passive leaf is closed, does the switch-latch automatically trigger locking the rods at the top and bottom. As a result, hindrances encountered closing the passive leaf are out of the question, as well as damaging floor coverings. It goes without saying that the routing dimensions in this system are also in line with the overall concept.

A class of its own! FUHR MULTITRONIC 881 – the fully-motorised version

This system is fully equipped; all necessary, perfectly matched components including the entire electrics are housed within the door. (ill. 5)

FUHR marks the peak of current innovation with this fully automated multi point locking system with drive unit and integrated panic function. All radio-controlled access control systems can be used without restrictions for this system. Security and convenience break new ground at the highest level. This ensures planning advantages in different construction project specifications and guarantees maximum fabrication and installation friendliness.

Incidentally the radio-controlled access control systems are downward compatible and ideally supplement the MULTITRONIC and AUTOTRONIC product range. (ill. 6) The fact that for FUHR technology things are only then perfect when the smallest details are perfect is also shown here. The radio-controlled access control system’s data cable between the motor control unit and e.g. the fingerprint scanner is not applicable; one of the numerous optional FUHR access control modules. The welcome side effect when using the wireless access control module: they are very installation and fabricator friendly, reduce potential sources of error and are vandal-proof. Particularly interesting is the fact that the fingerprint scanner and transponder reader are all part of a modular system – both require the same routing and both the same cover. This is something that FUHR understands by security and convenience.

Beautifully simple - simply beautiful.

With the integrated 2 channel technology as standard in the radio-controlled access control modules, e.g. to open main doors and garage doors, locking and access activities for most diverse requirements are very easy to meet. The required connections are very easy and safe to carry out. Simply tap into the 12V DC output voltage from the drive unit’s multi-functional jack – that all there is to it!. The perfect system is completed among other things with the fact that the transponder is open for car keys of numerous popular car brands and with this, consolidates desired functions in one key. Or also by means of the secure “Rolling Code procedure” with which the radio signals are transmitted to the AUTOTRONIC- / MULTITRONIC control unit or also to the universal radio-controlled adapter.

Simplicity is reflected in the easy tuning in procedure for all access control systems - it’s the same for all systems.


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