Jun. 11, 2010

Single-Channel Analog to Digital Video Server

At Ifsec Infinova announced its V2509-M Series, which efficiently lowers bandwidth concerns. The new single-channel video server features MPEG-4 and MJPEG dual encoding and provides users with two independently configurable video streams, one for viewing and the other for recording.

"When companies make the leap from an analog to an IP video surveillance system, a major fear of the IT department is that the new digital solution will use up bandwidth, interfering with the company's present data/information network," explains Mark S. Wilson, Infinova's vice president marketing. "The new V2509 lets our integrators show their customers how they can work with the IT department to alleviate such fears." The V2509 single-channel video server can be flexibly applied in an intelligent video surveillance system since it provides video-synchronized bi-directional communication and intelligent motion detection. It also provides a web server to easily let the user watch live video.


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