Apr. 23, 2019

Key Control Solution Optimizes Vehicle Utilization

  • Joe Granitto and Tim Purpura presenting KeyWatcher FleetJoe Granitto and Tim Purpura presenting KeyWatcher Fleet

Morse Watchmans introduced KeyWatcher Fleet at ISC West 2019 in Las Vegas.

“We are continually focused on developing key control solutions that go beyond securing keys to help users improve business operations,” said Fernando Pires, CEO, Morse Watchmans. “That was our charter when we engineered KeyWatcher Fleet. As fleet professionals know, when you control the keys, you control the fleet.”

KeyWatcher Fleet is a key security system with software designed from the ground up for fleet management applications. KeyWatcher Fleet puts users in command of vehicle distribution, comprehensive utilization, right-sizing of a fleet and more. The software allows fleet managers to create user role-based “Pools”, or groups of vehicles, to assign each vehicle accordingly. Flexible booking workflows enable customization to balance usage, ensure vehicle availability, and more. Multiple service features make it possible to report problems and automatically initiate new or scheduled work on each vehicle. System alerts notify management to specific issues such as an unauthorized booking attempt or expiring driver’s license, and the system generates a number of useful reports with actionable insights.

A convenient dashboard displays real-time status, bookings summary, vehicle use and many other data points to provide the pulse of the fleet in an instant.

Built on the robust and proven KeyWatcher Touch hardware, KeyWatcher Fleet uses the same 16, 8, and 6-key modules, along with the same card and locker modules.

Unique PIN codes ensure only authorized individuals can access keys, or users can add an optional card or fingerprint reader for even stronger key security, allowing users to manage thousands of keys and users with a single system or network.

Like all Morse Watchmans key and asset control solutions, KeyWatcher Fleet is networkable and offers API support for integrations.



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