Oct. 10, 2018

OnSSI Showcases Ocularis 5.6 VMS at GSX 2018

  •  OnSSi: Ocularis 5.6 Video Management Software (VMS) OnSSi: Ocularis 5.6 Video Management Software (VMS)

OnSSI is publicly debuting the latest enhancements to its recently released Ocularis 5.6 Video Management Software (VMS) platform here at GSX 2018. The latest release of Ocularis enhances overall VMS performance and operator functionality, delivers heightened system security with fortified dual authentication measures, and provides enhanced mobile and web access capabilities. These latest improvements included in Ocularis 5.6 combine to further empower users with a best-in-class VMS solution and experience.

“This latest release of OnSSI’s flagship Ocularis VMS platform addresses the most pressing challenges faced by users in the physical security space today – the need to more effectively manage and operate surveillance operations with multiple administrators, and the need to bolster system security by preventing unauthorized access,” said Ken LaMarca, VP of Sales and Marketing, OnSSI. “We look forward to engaging with users at GSX 2018 to demonstrate the powerful new capabilities that Ocularis 5.6 provides.”

Ocularis 5.6 bolsters system security by allowing administrators to require dual operator authentication when logging-in, along with the ability to specify system permissions for Ocularis Client or Ocularis Web/Mobile. Every login activity into Ocularis Client is also logged and auditable for documentation and compliance where applicable.

With the heightened security measures in place, Ocularis 5.6 also improves operator functionality. For example, operators can now create, edit, save and delete views directly from Ocularis Client, giving them the control and flexibility to create the specific views they need to best perform their roles and meet their security objectives while maximizing effectiveness and efficiency.

The updated Ocularis Client also provides users with the ability to view camera names from any number of views that are listed. Additionally, Ocularis Client includes a new performance mode that allows larger views to be downscaled for improved bandwidth efficiency. Furthermore, Ocularis Client includes a database update to “Select All Feeds” for exporting, as well as the added ability to select audio from a different source when exporting.

Significant changes have been implemented for Ocularis Mobile as well, including the ability to display multiple cameras in Live Mode while also disabling the IOS idle timer to ensure continuous remote viewing.

System administrators can also now designate which specific users and user groups can log in to Ocularis Mobile and Web to control access to video from outside the company network. Additionally, Ocularis Media Server has been further improved with architectural enhancements that improve overall performance, scalability and reliability.

Ocularis 5.6 improves overall system resilience and performance in several ways. Master Core Redundancy (failover) support has been automated, so if the Master Core is unavailable when a user logs in, the user will still be able to access video via a Slave Core. Added performance enhancements include a Smart Camera Driver for Vivotek cameras, extended support for H.265 and extended two-way audio support.



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