Aug. 12, 2010

Open gates by number plate recognition

Camera and controller unit Pollux open barriers and gates. Firm and employee cars or vehicles of registered clients are reliably and certainly recognized by number plate. Come and Go times are saved and can be printed. Asecond camera can be used optionally for the exit.

Total automatically gate and barrier opener: You have a gate or a barrier. You would like that the gate or the barrier is total automatically opened when you arrive with your car or truck to get more comfort. If you like you can watch and observe the gate with a monitor.

Number plate registration: You would like to know when someone has come or how long someone has been on the firm area. You can install a monitor at the end of the video cable of pollux for observation.

Supply voltage is 12V (DC). A power supply unit for 230V (AC) is separately available.

– Total automatically opening and close of barriers and gate systems
– Operating at day or at night by integrated number plate lamps (Spica)
– Potential free contacts for barrier and bell if a vehicle is waiting
– No additional costs per vehicle
– Up to 6.000 entries in the permission list
– Up to 10.000 entries in the protocol
– 100% control of the traffic in the area
– Nospecial drive there to any serve pillar
– Simple installation for all barriers


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