Feb. 02, 2010

Professional exchangeable-lens camera with integrated DVR

3 Megapixel IP Camera System With Audio

  •  M22M-Outdoor M22M-Outdoor

The M22M-Outdoor represents the latest camera generation by Mobotix. It features an array of lenses and a computing power to display and record 30 VGA frames per second, yet it comes with an incredibly low price tag. The new wall mount provides concealed cabling and fully covers the standard RJ45 wall outlets. The M22M is fully weatherproof, comes with integrated microphone and speaker, supports bidirectional audio, records realtime sound and can send alarm messages to the recipient using its IP telephony features. To supply power, simply attach the camera to a standard PoE switch or use the cost-efficient MOBOTIX power supply to inject power into the network cabling. The M22M-Night variant of the camera has one B/W camera module with IR-sensitive lens.

Digital zoom, digital panning, video motion detection, event-controlled frame rates and freely selectable image sections reduce the storage requirements of the M22M to a minimum. The camera software features integrated alarm management including pre- and post-alarm images, FTP, e-mail, external ring buffer storage on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X computers as well as playback and MultiView functions for up to 30 cameras in the browser. Since the camera does not require additional heating, power can be injected into the network cabling, even under extreme conditions.

Camera System 3 Megapixels
► Fully digital color CMOS image sensor with
    1280x960 pixels and backlight correction
► Optional B/W CMOS image sensor with 1280x960 pixels
    and eight times higher sensitivity
► 22 mm standard lens: 5-element glass lens 1:2.0, 90° horiz.


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