Safe remote maintenance

MB connect line offers a professional kit for worldwide safe remote maintenance. The mbNET Routers are the intelligent gateways between machine site and the Internet. They have an integrated Modem ( PSTN, GPRS,GSM,UMTS ) and an Ethernet interface to connect to the Internet. On machine site we have 4 LAN Ports and you can choose optional 2x RS232 / 485 or 1xRS232/485 and 1x MPI / Profibus onboard.

The connection is very easy and comfortable over Modem ( PSTN, GPR, GSM, UMTS), or with the Ethernet – interface over customer network. You can use the intelligent server portal mbCONNECT24 or the intelligent pre-installed customer server version mymbCONNECT24. The portal and server solution have a lot of advantages: easy connection to the machines with just one mouse click, easy handling for the VPN-Networks, easy and fast configuration for the mbNET devices, safe OpenVPN connections, a reporting function, data logging, an integrated user management and a lot of more features.

The mbWEB2go function allows you to have access on your portal / server with your smartphone or tablet via https connection. This is very helpful to have the control every time and everywhere you need.


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