Mar. 16, 2011

Stationary Gas Warning System

Transmitter with integrated sensor for gas detection in ambient air

The Dräger VarioGard 3x00 Transmitter is a VarioGard gas warning system component. A VarioGard system comprises a central unit and various components connected and supplied by a digital VarioGard bus.

High Reliability: Field-proven DrägerSensors in the Dräger VarioGard 3x00 Transmitter measure the concentration of noxious gases in the ambient air. The measured values are digitally transmitted to the central unit for visualisation. If the value exceeds predefined limits an alarm will be triggered.

Simple handling: Operation is extremely simple. All necessary settings are performed via VarioGard software from the central unit. Four actual limits and four time averaged values may be set and adjusted for every Transmitter. Alarms are visually and acoustically indicated by the Transmitter and transmitted to the central unit. The three-color LED indicates the operating status of the Transmitter. The calibration procedure is performed via a magnetic wand and contact pads.

Flexible Housing: Two housing version are available. An inexpensive plastic and a extremely sturdy metal housing. Cable inlets may be attached on all transmitter sides. The transmitter may be mounted both horizontally and vertically.


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