Multi-Directional Cameras

Two new Wisenet cameras from Hanwha Techwin equipped with the Wisenet7 chipset have expanded the company’s range of multi-directional cameras.

The 4-channel PNM-9022V utilizes alpha blending technology to stitch the overlapping images captured by its four Full HD sensors into a seamless 8.3-megapixel 209° image, thus ensuring an operator never loses sight of a person or vehicle moving across a wide area. It can also capture 180° images, using digital PTZ functionality across two of the camera’s channels. The PNM-9022V’s 4 sensors, which come with 2.8mm fixed focal lenses, are able to capture high definition color images when the lighting level is as low as 0.03 Lux. Incorporating the UL CAP certified Wisenet7 chipset, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) compliant PNM-9022V has technologies to protect it from cyber-attacks.


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