Outdoor Remote Signal Analyzer

Narda Safety Test Solutions has added the Real Time Outdoor Remote Analyzer to its Signal Shark analyzer family.

This is an extremely tough, remote-controlled signal analyzer for 24/7 operation outdoors, in the open air, mounted at height on an antenna tower, in the freezing cold or scorching heat, open to all weathers and completely on its own. Under inhospitable conditions, it detects and analyzes, classifies, and localizes RF signals between 8 kHz and 8 GHz, with a real time bandwidth of 40 MHz. The instrument is hermetically sealed to IP65, but allows the heat produced to be dissipated effectively. The unit is extremely resilient to large signals, not easily over-modulated, and can handle very high field strengths, even partially within the lobe of a transmitting antenna, and still cleanly capture even weak interference signals, also in conjunction with the Narda automatic direction-finding antenna.


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