Mar. 28, 2012

Advanced Wire Fence Vibration Detector

AN-307 is an advanced wire fence vibration detector providing detections and early warnings of any attempt in case intruders want to enter secured restricted areas such as solar parks, airports, prisons, military areas, fresh natural water supplies, etc.

It is a unique system using two times up to 300m of special sensor cable (not triboelectric) with 3D digital adjustments: sensitivity, number of beats and time of vibrations before triggering an alarm and newest DSIGP technology which successfully eliminates: EMF (Electric and Magnetic fields), normal wind, rain and other weather conditions, animal, vegetation and other disturbances.

New wind sensor is coming in April/May 2012, it will be used to adjust sensitivity dynamically according to the current windy weather conditions. The AN-307COM is equipped with the RS-485 chip for PC monitoring via RS-232, TCP/IP or USB. AN-307 detectors are available for distribution and integration in any perimeter protection project and system.

Why choose AN-307 wire fence vibration detector? Because it is very easy to install and very simple to use with best price/performance per meter ratio in the market.

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