Mar. 26, 2010

Alarm Signalling Innovation Unveiled

Unveiled by Chiron Security Communications

An important advance in the way monitoring centres handle alarm signalling - with improved ease of use, access and reporting - has been unveiled by Chiron Security Communications.

The "IRIS Secure Apps" system delivers new benefits to monitoring centres by giving them information not previously available, allowing greater control over their networks and adding value for their customers.

For security installers and end-users the advantages include significant cost savings, greater efficiency and security, plus improved resilience of both dual and single path alarm transmission. Ease-of-use is improved for the monitoring centre with a new intuitive operator interface which allows in-depth access to all aspects of the secure alarm signal, with more information and tighter control.

The system features individual, self-contained Apps which control functions such as authorisation, dialler templating, system analysis & reporting.
This gives monitoring centres access to real time and historical data that they haven't had before, so they can resolve potential signalling situations quickly and easily, without relying on third parties, and significantly improve service delivery. One of the most important advantages of IRIS Secure Apps is secure ease of access. The system allows the monitoring centre to securely hand-over important tasks directly to installers.

"For the first time, IRIS Secure Apps gives security installers, with authorisation from the monitoring centre, the freedom to work independently on important tasks such as system commissioning, checking and maintenance," says Ian Tredinnick, founder and CEO of Chiron Security Communications.

As its name suggests, the system can be securely accessed on a wide variety of devices, including pc/web-enabled mobile phones used by engineers in the field.

The Mobiliser App effectively turns almost any mobile device into a complete IP toolkit giving the engineer secure access to a wide range of functions when authorised by the monitoring centre. These include dialler stats, the system's current signalling status, its GPRS strength and history and many other reports. This speeds up faultfinding and makes alarm commissioning quick, easy and secure.

This greater autonomy lets installers work much more efficiently. It's easy to learn and to use and engineers can be given direct secure access to their signalling systems 24/7.

"Installers will be pleased that they no longer have to wait to speak to a member of staff at the monitoring centre in order to securely complete key functions - and their customers will be happier too," says Ian Tredinnick.

"IRIS Secure Apps now makes secure, dual path signalling over IP the best choice for customers and has advantage of significant cost savings over old fashioned fixed line systems," he adds. The introduction of IRIS Secure Apps further enhances the IRIS range as the best-selling alarms-over-IP solution across Europe. It has been developed with the support of a number of leading monitoring centres, with extensive successful Beta field trials.
IRIS Secure Apps replaces the current IRIS Management Suite and will work with any IRIS series dialler, both legacy and new.

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