Sep. 17, 2010

Alarmed fence system

Detection technology combined with a high level of design

  • Detection technology combined with a high level of design: WaveGARDDetection technology combined with a high level of design: WaveGARD

A high-performance security/alarmed fence which, at the same time, meets the high demands of puristic design, elegant looks and achieves a noble architectural effect: Up until now, it has been hardly possible to find such a system for high-quality private building in need of protection as well as for demanding companies in industry.

Periphery security then... only if one forgets about design?

No, this is no option at all. With WaveGARD, the security technology experts at Haverkamp have now developed a new generation of detection fence systems which innovatively combines a high level of mechanical resistance, close-meshed penetration detection with elegant and noble design. WaveGARD elements are manufactured from alu-minium pipes. These are interwoven without any welding spots or screw fittings. This way, the ele-ments do not exhibit any structural weaknesses. A multi-wire cable is fed horizontally and vertically into the small pipe the standby current of which is moni-tored.

Any manipulation to this fence system is practically ruled out. WaveGARD elements can only be pene-trated if the inter-woven wave structures are forcibly pulled apart. This inevitably means that the standby current will be broken and an alarm triggered.
This technology detects signal lines exactly at the point where the fence segment is cut. The periphery detection system can be integrated into the superor-dinate Haverkamp management system or used as a ‘stand alone' system.
The Haverkamp security specialists are convinced of the virtues of the product: Combined with the additionally available system which detects when walls etc. are being surmounted and technology used to detect when walls etc. are being dug under WaveGARD represents one of the best performing detection systems in the world - and one which, both in the field of private buildings as well as in the business of securing industrial areas, finally takes high quality design into account as well as high quality technology. Aluminium has a high level of resistance, does not rust and therefore looks good for generations and creates a close, powerful union of elegance, strength and security.


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