Oct. 04, 2016

Altronix Premiers New All-in-One EoC Solution at Asis 2016

Introduces eBridge 8-Port EoC Receiver with Integral PoE+ Switch

  • Altronix: eBridge8EAltronix: eBridge8E

Altronix continues to expand its widely deployed line of eBridge adaptive transmission solutions with the introduction of the eBridge8E 8-Port EoC Managed Receiver with Integral PoE+ Switch at Asis 2016. The new eBridge8E is an all-in-one solution for upgrading coax to IP that combines a PoE+ switch and EoC receiver in a single integrated unit.

“We continue to enhance our portfolio of eBridge adaptive transmission solutions for upgrading coax infrastructure,” said Alan Forman, President, Altronix Corporation. “Our new eBridge8E all-in-one EoC solution benefits users and resellers alike by effectively reducing overall equipment and installation costs, while increasing system performance using analog infrastructure.”

Altronix’s new eBridge8E 8-port EoC Managed Receiver with Integral PoE+ Switch enables IP devices to be deployed up to 500m at 25Mbps and includes a 1GB uplink. It provides 30W full power per port (240W of total power) and includes integral battery charging for applications requiring back-up power. eBridge8E also incorporates Altronix’s innovative Linq technology to monitor, control and report power and diagnostics from anywhere.

The eBridge8E 8-port Managed EoC Receiver with Integral PoE+ switch is currently available.

All eBridge EoC solutions carry a lifetime warranty and are made in the U.S.A.


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