Oct. 01, 2019

Altronix Presents Netway 802.3 BT Managed Midspans

  • Altronix: Netway 802.3BT (4PPoE) Series of Managed Midspan/InjectorsAltronix: Netway 802.3BT (4PPoE) Series of Managed Midspan/Injectors
Altronix showcased its new Netway 802.3BT (4PPoE) Series of Managed Midspan/Injectors at GSX 2019. Capable of delivering up to 90W per port (480W total), these new midspans are currently available with 4 or 8 ports and include battery charging for applications requiring backup and embedded Linq Technology to monitor, control, and report power and diagnostics from anywhere over the network.

“Our NetWay BT Series provides power for the latest power-hungry illuminators and multi-sensor PTZ cameras that conform to the new IEEE standard,” said Alan Forman, President, Altronix Corporation. “By expanding our Netway product offering, system designers and integrators now have more cost-efficient options.”

The Altronix Netway 4BT and Netway 8BT are both housed in a compact 1U rack enclosure, provide PoE/PoE+/Hi PoE up to 90W (802.3bt compliant) power per port, and pass data at 10/100/1000 Mbps at distances up to 100m. Features include: embedded Linq Technology; port status LEDs; auto detection and protection of legacy non-PoE cameras/devices; and a built-in battery charger.

Altronix Netway products are manufactured in the U.S.A., and backed by a lifetime warranty. 



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