May. 18, 2019

Assa Abloy: Pin Validation for Mobile Access Control

  • Cliq Connect now comes with Pin validation for added security (Photo: Assa Abloy)Cliq Connect now comes with Pin validation for added security (Photo: Assa Abloy)

Assa Abloy has added a new Pin validation option to their programmable key access control system, Cliq Connect. The feature adds another layer of security to the solution: Administrators can now set a Pin which key-holders need to enter in order to update their keys.

Without entering the Pin, users will not be able to revalidate or update their key to open a new lock. This new function further boosts security against unauthorised access to sensitive areas - like infrastructure sites, data stores and drug storage rooms.

Convenience and high security
‘Cliq Connect combines convenience and high security,’ explains Stephan Schulz, Cliq Product Manager at Assa Abloy EMEA. ‘A key-holder no longer revalidates their key or updates its access rights in person by returning to base or finding the nearest programming device. All they need is a smartphone, the Cliq Connect app and a secure Bluetooth connection.’

‘Now, with the option for administrators to Pin protect any key permissions update or revalidation, it’s even more secure.’

The Cliq Connect app pairs users’ programmable keys with the Cliq Web Manager via an encrypted cloud connection.
To change a key-holder’s access rights, a security manager accesses their Cliq software and updates it. Key-holders can make a secure Bluetooth connection between their key and the app to instantly update access permissions or revalidate.

Recognized by industry awards
The secure solution for mobile access management has been recognized several times by industry awards. Cliq Connect was a winner at the Detektor International Awards, won the Gold Trophy at France’s APS Awards and was awarded Protector & Wik’s Golden Protector 2018 for access control.

‘Cliq Connect is simple and agile for even the largest organisation,’ adds Stephan Schulz.
‘It saves you time. And because your mobile workers drive fewer miles collecting and returning physical keys, it’s also a more sustainable access control solution.’


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