Sep. 12, 2019

Assa Abloy: Real-time Access Control with Smartair

Upgrading to real-time boosts the intelligence of an access control system, relaying live event reports and enabling users to change the security status of any door or user at any time. Assa Abloy’s Smartair solution uses this system to secure schools, hospitals and other premises in need of added security.

Real-time access control with wireless online locking provides options that do not exist with offline systems. With real-time functionality, facility managers get audit trails and change access rights for any door, user or credential instantly. They can lock or unlock any door remotely from the central admin software.

How does it work?
Real-time access control relies on a network of communications hubs. These operate as a bridge between admin system software and access control door devices. In a Smartair Pro Wireless Online system, one communications hub links up to 30 wireless locking devices to the central system. Information is exchanged via an existing or new TCP/IP network, protected with AES-128 and SSL encryption. Users can pass updates or read the event logs of any battery-powered Smartair escutcheon, knob cylinder, lock or wall reader anytime they choose.

Smartair also gives users the option to combine wireless online and offline doors in the same system. That way, they can fine-tune where they want to deploy real-time access control in different areas of your premises.

Smartair in Schools
At Westbridge Special Residential School, Smartair Wireless Online management proved a simple electronic solution for greater control and school security. Each staff member carries one RFID credential card programmed with access rights personalized to their needs. In an emergency, the school can remotely lock and open doors in real time via the admin software.

In Denmark, Vejle Friskole’s mechanical keys have been replaced by a Smartair online access control system. Over 80 doors and cabinets around the school are locked with Smartair wireless devices. Using the Smartair software, managers always have an overview of who has been at the school, and when. Audit trails are generated and monitored in real time using the system.


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