Feb. 02, 2017

Big Data Dashboard Transforming On-Site Security

Maxxess solution to proactively pre-empt security alerts while cutting costs

  • Lee Copland, Managing Director, Maxxess, EMEALee Copland, Managing Director, Maxxess, EMEA
  • Lee Copland, Managing Director, Maxxess, EMEA
  • MAXDashboard DI, a solution that can transform the live management, monitoring

At intersec 2017, Maxxess launched MAXDashboard DI, a solution that can transform the live management, monitoring and verification of people in transit on big, busy sites and multi-site estates, making it quick, easy and affordable to proactively pre-empt security situations, optimise operational efficiency and cut costs. 

Building on successful pilot trials, including six-months at a top Middle East institution, MAXDashboard DI is attracting strong interest from organisations who want to improve in-house security capabilities while getting more value from their operational, human resources and building management processes.

Designed by Maxxess, the flexible, feature-rich solution uniquely combines multiple data inputs, including access control feeds, with powerful big data intelligence, analytics and algorithms, to create customised displays with tailored filters that deliver dynamic live reporting about the movement of people on-site.

Data is continuously gathered from multiple sources then mined, processed and cross-referenced in real-time with a wide range of human behaviour patterns – both general and specific to individual profiles – to identify anomalies and trigger alerts about potentially suspicious or unauthorised activity outside the norm.

As a highly versatile, open-source solution, MAXDashboard DI is vendor-agnostic, so can be seamlessly integrated with any existing security system. It is available as a pay-as-you-go service and is highly scalable. Without upfront capital costs or technical barriers, it can be up, running and delivering results fast.

Because each organisation is different, rules and reporting filters are customised to suit precise requirements. The intuitive dashboard displays instant, at-a-glance visibility of key metrics to maximise ease-of-use by non-expert, in-house teams. This makes it easy to monitor the 24/7 presence, location and movement of people on site, whether employees, contractors, guests, delegates, visitors or the public, including precise time of arrival and exit, routes and dwell times.

With self-learning algorithms, the system continuously recalibrates its criteria based on the latest, most relevant data.

It also references actual behaviours against known norms. For instance, if a specific employee changes their regular route in and out of a building, undertakes unusual activity on the corporate network or accesses the site during a scheduled vacation, these could trigger alerts for investigation. 

The dashboards can also enhance operational processes such as identifying when parts of a building are most – or least – active; peak visitor flow times; or the average Wi-Fi usage per session. This gives teams the intelligence to adapt processes, configure networks and adjust building management systems accordingly to optimise savings and efficiencies.

Lee Copland, Managing Director, Maxxess, EMEA, said: “Conventional security monitoring is based on a reactive response to historic events. MAXDashboard DI completely disrupts this model. It puts the power of live, real-time monitoring directly into the hands of your organisation. By giving you customised views of your entire site, with the ability to drill down to the granular detail you need, it instantly visualises how your vital security and operational processes are working, while flagging what might require more attention.”

He adds, “Furthermore, by combining multiple information feeds with powerful big data analytics, MAXDashboard DI brings a rich wealth of data to life, transforming it into previously unseen intelligence to drive more value from your existing security and operations investments.”   

Based on open system protocols, MAXDashboard DI can take data from any standard source including all access control systems from any manufacturers with no need for bespoke integration.


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