Jan. 01, 2008

Bosch: Building Integration System

Bosch: Building Integration System. Building Integration System (BIS) is a flexible building management system that can be configured to suit the individual needs of every customer.

It contains a wide range of applications and features to enable the integration and coupling as well as the monitoring and control of all vital technical building systems.

The system’s flexible structure, based on the three main modules: Automation (AUE), Access (ACE) and Video Engine (VIE), facilitates an incremental approach which grows with the customer’s requirements.

A flexible user interface, with customisable screen content on up to four screens per workstation, provides for the needs of different operator groups within the same site.

With its central alarm management, using location maps with animated detector icons and automated display of procedural instructions for any eventuality, the system provides an overview and the means to deal with any alarm situation calmly and effectively.


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